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  1. hmmm, target practice, and harmless fun all at the sametime, nothing could be better
  2. [jokingly] bah, animal cruelty to cats is ok. [/jokingly]
  3. kewlboxer2

    Me on horseback

    what!?!?! no llama riding....
  4. i love my boxer's i have 4 of them, they are 100% puppy til the day they die, i have one with and arthritic(sp?) hip and she still loves to run(age 10), another that recently went blind(age 8) and she still plays everyonce and a while, and my buddy hes 7 and the best dog ever, you can let him out all day and he'll stay right by ur side, and do to recent occurences, meaning in 3 seizures in a month (2 in one day) hes been getting lots of attention, but he has a tumor in his brain, and might not live to much longer, and the newest addition, a 3 year, puppy through and through, we rescued her from a farmer who wasnt feeding or watering her, and left her outside last winter when the temps were below 0... but anyway shes just starting to play and its so funny
  5. kewlboxer2

    bringing home the 78

    did u do for a roll or two
  6. this isnt the alley, dont flame
  7. Since Aimen is leaving, 3/4 mages are leaving... i have a feeling OCCult is dying
  8. i have full g42 +2 int set, ill let it go to u for 400k, pm Garalian
  9. Butterfly's will give u nice pecs, also when you bench, dont let the bar go all the way down, let the bar go down till your biceps are level to the ground, like this this will also help build ur pecs up very nicely make sure u start off with a light weight, and moderate reps, for a week, then move up in reps, for about 2 weeks, then heavy weight and light reps, for a week or 2, the repeat, do that all year and it will show
  10. 1 thing is that that case is outta stock, and i would go with a fortron PSU, dont get me wrong Arctic cooling makes good gpu heatsinks, and that case is alright, but there isnt ne specs on the PSU thats in the case, go with a PSU that you know is going to be good. Nothing can limit an o/c more than a bad PSU
  11. O.o i like the front bezel, lol hmmm im just guessing here, but was his name Matt who used KDE and also felt leet by licking noob balls?
  12. yea, i bought a credit card, and im still at 1%...wtf i should be at 2%, and byron has a lot of points becuase of folding. you get a certain amount of points when you turn wu's in
  13. personally, i think the nemesis looks FUGLY!!!!!, of those 2 id go for the coolmaster, and price wise coolermaster wins out.
  14. yeah, i looked at ur shop yesterday, and noticed it was gone, how much u sell it for?
  15. Horah for Marty, and guess what, my 1 year is Saturday, hehe, and my 1 year for folding is on sept. 11.
  16. ok, i have an x800xl stock clocks are 400/490, currently @ 425/445, and my ati silencer 5 rev 2 at full speed temps are at 39C
  17. yeh, i bought a ES of a 3200+ winchester off of ebay, and it was the biggest piece o crap EVER!!!!!!, dang AMD and their ES's hmmm heres the steppings: ada3200dip4be abbdd 0415upaw i tried google but i couldnt get nething to show, ne now? Edit sorry SUPER OLD!!!
  18. yeah, those new durango's are BEASTS!!!, lots of room i prefer then over the older style durango, and hell if you going with a truck u might as well get it fully loaded, right?
  19. yeh the new srt-10's rock!!!! fastest stock pickup ever!!!!
  20. my dad has a ram 3500 24 valve diesel, gawd that thing FLOATS!!!! smooth as hell and very easy to drive, and it has a "real" diesel engine , not that fake . ford and chevy have. A "real" diesel is a 6 cylinder engine, not a gas 8 converted to diesel, all the big rigs are 6 cylinder engines, but the cylinders are huge!!!! psh to ford and chevy and its also awesome to pull up behind a ricer and fill their rear view with a BIG dodge grill its also awesome to lite the duals up.heh
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