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  1. i pretty sure with then dtek ww block it comes with a Y, now not to use a T, do u run the 2nd tube to the res? ya i wanna use either antifreeze @15% or get waterwetter
  2. hmmm ya after seeing that i think i will go with dtek ww, but i would really like cascade, but @ $105, and only producing 15/month, i think ill pass, ty markiemrboo for the decision change, so with that my total will be $243.42 consideing i dont need the T+Y and the tubing ill get at depot or lowes YAY
  3. ya ima get the dual heater core with the shroud, that should help alot, but is that price resonable
  4. so should i get the double heater core withor without the shroud? also with that danger den tdx/rbx, i can get those in copper tops, i guess ill have to look into the whitewater blocks hmmm i dont think i like the whitewater blocks so much, they look kinda restrictive *EDIT* CPU Water Blocks: AMD-DDRBX with 5 Inserts $52.95 CPU Base Material: Copper Base CPU Top Style: Lucite RBX Chipset Blocks: None Video Card Blocks: None Fitting Size: 1/2 OD Fittings Radiator: Heater Core with Shroud $49.99 Fan: 2x Evercool Chrome 120MM Fan $23.00 Pump: DD12V-D4 Pump - Includes Molex Plug $74.99 Tubing: 10 Feet Clear Flex Tubing $12.00 None Reservoir: Danger Den 5 1/4 Bay-Reservoir $29 Thermal Paste: Ceramique $3.49 Arctic Silver 5 $7.20 None Water Additives: None Dye Light: None Hold Down Style: Stainless Steel Misc: 12 Hose Clamps & Y & T Fitting $9.00 for a total of $254.42 does that sound good?
  5. oops sry bout not posting rad, i was looking at black ice xtreme II, so i can get 2 120mm fans on it, but i cant see spending $100+ for it
  6. The larger the tubing the better the flowm rate, but the more of a chance to kink the tubing, unless u have tubing inserts, or little coil things that go over the tubing ok i was looking around at watercooling stuff, and i found this: CPU block: danger den TDX, lucite top, or RBX pump: danger den dc12v tubing: 7 ft. tygon res: danger den bay res 12 stainless clamps 2x evercool 120mm fans does that sound good? feedback plz
  7. man i would never go 3/8, 1/2 all the way, seeing how it reduces the restriction on the system, and helps with flow rates
  8. hey general i see in ur sig that u have the asetek waterchill h20 kit, did u mod ne of it to get ur temps that low?
  9. ok, i started out with an aquarius II watercooling kit, which was ok, but didnt really work for cooling, then i sold it, and went back to air cooling using Thermaltake Volcano 11+ Xaser Edition, which suited by needs for a little, but now im looking for a kit, or even better a list of pretty good parts for a new WC system. my spec's: AMD 1800+(o/c @ 215*8 @ [email protected]) asus a7n8x deluxe 2x buffalo pc3200 256mb dual channel @ 2-3-3-8 ati 9500->9700 softmod 400/305 now i am looking for a CPU block, dual fan rad, pump, and a reservoir can someone help me out with this?
  10. woot, got my 9500 today, and immediatly softmodded it using w1zzard's drivers, and got it to a nice 416/320, not much different from my 9600, but it works like a charm *EDIT* Should i remove the chim from the GPU of the 9500?
  11. We are always wondering our favorite things will be in 5 years, so where do all of you think microsoft will be in 5 years?
  12. there is no suck thing as bios version 1011 for the a7n8x deluxe. I couldnt tell ya what mobo that is for, but definatly not this one
  13. heh, i killed my 9600 today . I was taking off that stupid passive heatsink and adding an arctic-cooling vga silencer (after about 2 hours modding the aluminum base so that it would fit the GPU). i must have tightned it too much and the heatsink was touching a part of the board or the chip and it f*cked up the video display. So now im looking at a 9500 np to softmod it to 9700
  14. hmmmm... did u have version 2 of the PCB? cause i have it to all user defined and all i can hit is 200. I know my ram isnt holding me back casue i got 2 sticks of buffalo 256mb ddr400 running dual channel mode on the board. man i wanna get past 200 cuase im right on the 10k mark for 3d mark 2001. my actual score is 9992 and i wanna get above that *EDIT* ha, i got it working now. i had to revert the old bios, 1005. and it works like a charm *EDIT*
  15. heh, i have a sapphire 9600 256 mb , kinda a . video card, but o well, but i used this proggy " ATI Tray Tools v1.0.1.366 and oc'd it from stock 324/182 to a sweeeeeeeeet 400/224. Not bad for a . card
  16. Ive had me a7n8x deluxe for a while now and i was wondering how its even possible to get 200+ FSB. Seening how the only choices i have for FSB is 100,133,166,200. nothing else. I have a 1800+ and i currently have it at 200*8.5 for and overclock at 1700mhz, the temp is at like 30c idle and 35c load. On my other mobo i had this chip up over 2 ghz. how can i hit that again? btw, 200*8.5 is the highest i can raise my multi, and i have it at stock vcore. even raising the vcore yields nothing
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