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  1. READ THE TITLE!!!!!! "> Wd 80gb IDE Hd For Sale"
  2. for out of country shipping ill set the selling price of the HDD to $25, then add on shipping.
  3. this is from monarch.... recieved this is in a newsletter!! http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...2&AFFIL=TH&NR=1 have fun they start shipping may 20th for boxed and may 6th for OEM
  4. where is a good place to buy 5k and 100ohm pot's?
  5. I bought 2 80GB SATA drives, now its time to sell off my 1 hd for now. Even tho its a recert, i just got this one in march and a warrenty until 2-22-08!!! its practically a new drive. heres the numbers off the drive: WD800 WD cavair SE LBA 156301448 80.0 GB MDL: WD800JB-00JJA0 date: 15 FEB 2005 M and its a semi black in color. pricewatch says price is $49 ill let go for $35 with shipping included. in a week or 2 ill be selling my 120 GB.
  6. the x-chip i think has an option for a switch that bypasses the mod so that u can play on xbox live with out the mod being active
  7. thanks for them so far, mrmarkieboo, but i need more, im writing a paper on linux. i need more, hehe
  8. Ok, as my topic says, what are some disadvantages of Windows that linux corrects
  9. ..that was easy,heheheh
  10. get the gskill pc4400 LA in 2x256, or the LE in the 2x512.
  11. 2.65v??? that would fry any processor instantly. I think you meant 1.65v :foldon:
  12. bah i want one so bad, when will places like newegg, zzf, and monarch have them. i know they started to ship on monday, but i want one so bad
  13. i dont need to access a windows box, i need to join the linux box to the pre-existing windows nt4 domain
  14. from what it looks like, do u want mouse with rechargeable lith-ion batteries, or a mouse that has options of 1600, 800, 400 dpi? your choice
  15. aight ill have to investigate it on monday
  16. Ok, i need to join Fedora Core 3 to an existing NT4 domain. Can someone guide me through this process?
  17. y doesnt nF2 benefit from dual channel? it helped on my old system
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