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  1. I have for sale a DXRacer King series chair. Model OH/KF91/NR Manufactures site http://www.dxracer.com/us/en-us/product/1/PC_Gaming_Chair/King_Series/oh-kf91-nr/ Recieved 9-1-2015. Looking for $350 shipped.
  2. Arkadiy hasnt gotten back to me yet on this stuff, send me a pm and ill sort a deal out with either you or Arkadiy
  3. I have added you on my msn, but you havent been on
  4. sure ill sell it, i have an old pic of everything i had. heres a crappy pic of the BIX 2. and here is an old pic of most of the stuff i had minus the MCT-5, and clear bay res. after looking at the bay res, there are couple small cracks, but they are on the inside, and none of them go to the outside, it is still watertight.
  5. Oh, i just remembered, i also have a DangerDen clear bay res, and MCT-5(coolant).Marty for the rest of the setup, you would need a 120 fan or 2, 1/2" hose, hose clamps.
  6. ok, i really need to get rid of this watercooling stuff i have. I have DangerDen TDX AMD64 block with mounting hardware, DangerDen single heatercore(no leaks), Blackice Extreme dual 120(might have a leak, not sure), ViaAqua 1300 pump, Ehiem 1250 pump. I am asking $75+shipping for all of it, or maybe part it out. Please send me PM's. I can get pictures tommorrow if need be.
  7. Sold to Duke Atreides, other stuff in my other thread will can be sold pretty cheap, im really looking for on $$$, comon people.
  8. I bought this off Newegg about a month ago, and havent used it because it wont fit in my computer because my x800xl wont work in the top x16 slot, so i cant use any pci slots . ill let this go for $40 + shipping. I also have a another thread with stuff for sale. Other for sale thread. Please if you see anything at all please pm me, i need to get rid of it. all offers are welcome. [edit] SOLD TO : Duke Atreides Keep in mind i have stuff in my other theard that ill let go fairly cheap, take a look. [/edit]
  9. I need a x800xl this crappy x700 isnt cutting it =/
  10. thats all i got for right now. i gotta get a better digi... but ya, pm me with what you are interested in and ill see what i can do ANY OFFER IS WELCOME, I NEED TO GET RID OF THIS
  11. Im in need of some cash right now, im not listing prices, if you are interested pm me with a price. Brand new AMD TDX, used once to test, has all hardware needed to mount to a s939. MCT-5, never used DD single heatercore BlackIce Extreme dual 120 (has 1 small hole that is easily fixable) ViaAqua 1300 ( propeller is superglued to reduce noise( virtually silent) 5 1/4 bay res from DD (clear) I also have a eheim 1250 pump,switchtech socket A 226w TEC waterblock, and a switchtech 80w? TEC block for ATi cards. all parts on here are 1/2" expect for the 80w swifttech TEC block, that is 3/8", and i think i have 3/8 to 1/2 adapters laying around here somewhere. Pic of blackice extreme II it has a tiny hole, but seems to be airtight right now it is near to top, just right of the center. The only thing i dont have in the pic is the DD HC . The little tube with the clear stuf is dielectric grease. None of the swifttech blocks have hardware, but the TDX has hardware with it.Also not pictured is MCT-5. in a quart size oil container(what it came in). PM with questions.
  12. kewlboxer2


    just pm them in game, kurosen might not reply, he usually plays during the day, and stach might not reply either, he is afk alot, ciddo comes on in about 4 hours from now, Jammin is probably sleeping, so ur best bet its to pm egghead in game
  13. kewlboxer2


    pm kurosen, ciddo, Jammin, egghead or stachman31. and they should be able to let u in right away.
  14. holy . Aimen....1542 hours of Kal time -bows- thats 64 1/4 days
  15. you can use it inside out outside a case, they just made it easier for people who bench and ., and dont put the mobo's in a case
  16. ultra- d's dont have prime built into them, its memtest. and the most popular bios for ocing is the 310p bios. look it up
  17. hey kb, if u drop out u can always work at McD's or Buger King. Heh good jobs right there.... profitable too. THINK ABOUT IT!!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT
  18. i dont think many game utliize the full 256mb of ram on video cards, so ur 6800 nu is not the problem, like silverfox said, update drivers, or do a reformat.
  19. lol, the x800xl will outperform a 6600gt, so im pretty sure the gt will outperform the 6600gt. and I have and love my e6 venice, i can get a stable o/c @ 300 htt, without venturing back 1.6v. it kicks
  20. yeah, u can buy that, but your gunna have to buy a card like this fc-al controller card
  21. ok let me rephrase my post then.... happy now???
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