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  1. Looks just like my case, which is an Antec SX1040B, except that yours is actually black and not charcoal grey. Regardless, it looks incredible. You give me hope for my own machine.
  2. Good question. I'm guess the easiest way would be to burn an image with Symantec Ghost, format the drives, set partitions, set up the RAID, and load the image with the Ghost utility. If you go this route, don't make my mistake. Use a DVD burner. I used CD-RW and it used 33 CDs to Ghost a 40GB drive (and it took almost 6 hours).
  3. I decided to go RAID 1 instead and it's still a lot faster than my old IDE setup. The bootup is quicker, programs load a lot faster, and maps load fast too. Seems stable so far.
  4. It'd be even better if all cables could be made to utilize fiber optics.
  5. I just finished doing some minor work on my case (mostly lighting) and I was thinking that it might be pretty cool to get some DIMM lights. I was on pcmods.com and saw some but they are kinda lame (and expensive at $15). I'm looking for something that's a bit more active, like the lights on the front of K.I.T.T. on Knight Rider (or the Cylons facemask on Battlestar Galactica, which you prefer). Anyone seen something like that? If so, do they work with heat spreaders on the DIMMs?
  6. I can tell yout hat I just tried creating a Ghost image of my IDE hard drive to my new SATA RAID config this weekend and could NOT get it to boot to it. I ended up loading Windows all over again.
  7. Ok, so last night I used 33 discs to make an image of my original IDE drive so I could move it over to one of my new SATA II drives. However, even after a low level format, I still cannot get Windows to recognize that there are 2 SATA drives installed. They show up in Device Manager as SCSI drives but they have no partition. I can't access them in any way except the through the RAID controller on boot up, which does me no good at all. What gives? The SATA drivers are installed and Device Manager even says that these drives are working properly. So why can't I access them? FYI, there is nothing in the BIOS about booting to SATA. EDIT: 5 seconds after typing this, I remembered Disc Management. I think I got it. EDIT AGAIN: Ok, so now that I figured that out and was able to assign drive letters to the SATA drives, as well as create the RAID 1 config and copy the contents of my IDE drive to them, I'm still back to the original problem: the computer will not boot to the SATA drives. What the **** am I doing wrong? I've disconnected both the IDE drive and the cable. There is NOTHING in the BIOS about booting to SATA. Closest thing I could find was booting to a SCSI device but that did nothing. I'm really grasping at straws here. Anything you guys could do to help would be greatly appreciated. LAST EDIT: Nevermind. I finally got tired of dinking with it and decided to reload Windows on it. What do ya know, that worked. Seems odd that Ghost couldn't get the job done, but maybe it has something to do with going from an IDE drive to a "SCSI" SATA drive. Either way, I got 'er done and she's purrin' like a kitten now with a fresh RAID 1 setup.
  8. I HAD a 6800 and was able to view temps after installing coolbits2. I replaced it with a 6800GT and now I don't have the option.
  9. No, I have the SATA II Barracuda drives and I'm currently engaged in using Ghost 9.0 to make an image from my old 40GB Barracuda. 4 hours later I'm on disc 33 and it's just started validating the image. That's expensive. Anyway, what's this about copying from IDE to SATA works fine? My computer doesn't even see the SATA drives while I have the IDE drive connected. If it had, I would've Ghosted directly to the Primary SATA and then built the array from there. As it is, it's 2AM and I still have to load the image onto my Primary SATA. What a pain in the arse this was. What aggrevates me the most is that my computer will let me create the RAID but refuses to allow me to format the drive using my good ol' Win '98SE boot disk. It keeps saying that there is no extended partition. 'Thanks, I know that. Now let me create one so I can format it', was all I could come up with. Man, I'm tired.
  10. After having read that Anandtech article, I'm going with RAID1 instead. My computer is plenty fast as it is, and I'm more interested in reliability and disk space than I am speed.
  11. http://www.pcguide.com/ref/hdd/perf/raid/c...pts/rel_Rel.htm
  12. At least I always have the option of replacing the mobo again. Not right away, but at some point in the relatively near future. Of course, I find it hard to believe that I won't seriously mess something up doing that (seems to be my luck). You'd think it would just be device manager->delete system->shut down->replace mobo->reboot, but nooooooo.....
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