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  1. Jklein

    Cloud Platform

    Right so if you design a "cloud platform" you basically are designing a website that accesses the server and just constantly poles for data and uses a SSL Encryption setup to split user access so people don't access others areas
  2. Jklein

    Cloud Platform

    ok everyone this a question I was asked the other day didnt know the answer. Whats the difference between a web platform and a cloud platform? Ok from a design perspective correct me if I'm wrong but since a private cloud is just a private dedicated server on the internet that a business or a group of businesses use. Isn't a cloud platform a website through which you access and interact with the server and any data or software on it? In otherwards from a software design perspective isnt a cloud platform pretty much a web application and can be designed accordingly?
  3. Ok used driver fusion cleaned out the drivers physx and also ran cc cleaner and cleaned out the registry temp files and download file just to be safe and now it cant find the hardware as the picture states.
  4. Ok everybody I recently purchased two Latitude E5540's for my computer repair business. (I'm now A+ Certified yay!) So anyway's I'm trying to ge tthe drivers all updated and no matter what I try the Driver for the GTX 720m software wont install. Bellow are screen shots from when the install fails.
  5. Nerm I will absolutely have access to the plas before we start and I found an engineering firm that can help me get the survey done and they have the equipment to drill through the floors or the wall if necessary. I was never foolish enough to be doing this alone I have done a layout like that beofre normally I go in when new computers need to be hooked up but all the main wiring and the MDF and IDF is setup. Also ED once the wireless survey is in place the company will recommend the layot they think is best but they already told me with the walls being so thick and the reinforced steel and concrete they almost always recommend wiring. Also since the offices were probaly on the upper floors there should trenches from phone wiring and the such in place so worst case we might just have to widden them a bit.
  6. Nerm I actually have someobody doing the wiring survey and yes this is one of my first jobs in a situation like this normally I fix wiring or I have MDF and IDF points to work with this used to be a tasty cake factory. So the problem is there is no layout done. I know I'm going to need to lay the wiring but the only ways would either be through the hvac or I would have to drill through the walls and lay it outside or through a floor that's reinforced steel and concrete
  7. What about using the excisiting hvac duct work and using plenum fiber optic cabling because assuming those are new computers were talking about 100/1000 ethernet cards so we have to assume there all 1000 so were going to need a switch with a back plane to handle that not even cat7 cabling to the switch will do that.
  8. Ok I have a customer who needs a network installed in a building there turning into a private school. The problem is it used to be a tasty cake factory. It's walls are to thick to lay wiring inside and the florrs/ceiling are reinforces stell and concrete. So I called up Cisco and they recommended doing a w ireless acess point on the top floor to cover the floors and then a router in the basement. okay so I need my math checked. the height of the each floor is 20ft the length and with are 200 and 150 feet which means were talking a calculation of 200ft*150ft*20*4= 2,400,000 which would be 2,400,000 cubic feet. Am I correct in the math and concept?
  9. Ok this is what I did: 10*(1-.30)+(10*1-.30)*.05+7.50 The answer is 14.985 which you round up to $14.99
  10. ok so I wrote it like this: 10 - (10 * .30) + 10 - (10 * .30 * .05) + 7.50 and I got 24.35 but were starting out with 10 in supplies subtracting 30% discount adding on 5% sales tax and 7.50 for shipping so it should be 15.20 from what I understand so I still don't know whats going on
  11. Ok I'm trying to learn python and I have come across a problem I need to solve for the exercise I'm doing in teachig yourself python in 24 hours lesson 2 I' supposed to wwrite a single line of code that solves this problem: I'm buying office supplies the total is 10 dollars but I have a 30% percent discount and I need to add 5% sales tax and 7.85 for shipping This is how I'm thinking it should go: 10 - 10 * .30 (thats going to give me the price after discount which is 7 dollars) so I should then take that formula and add on the sales tax: 10 - 10 * .30 + 10 - 10 * .30 * .05 (the problem is I wind up with 16.85 which isnt right because the whole problem should equal $15.20) So anybody have a clue where I'm going wrong
  12. So basically how many hosts will give you how many bits once you know that bits will give you your subnet mask. Which is calculated by cider in other wards if I take in otherwards if my cider is 25 my subnet would be that's what happens when you try to do math at 1:30 in the morning
  13. Ok I think I have this now...ok you get the number hosts by doubling each number starting by 2 in other wards if you wanted 512 hosts it would take 9 bits. But in reality you would only have 510 hosts so If I wanted 512 valid hosts I would have to move up to 11 bits. That would also give us the same amount of subnets 512 because you use the same method just count left to right instead of right to left. Now calculating the subnet mask is simple since this is a cider 23 know the first 2 bits will be 255.255. Now since nine bits are left we basically easy way to do it is count right to left so since 8 bits would give us a dot zero for the last bit we wind up having one bit left making it So how did I do?
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