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  1. Last week, my school skipped me ahead a grade, so I will be a junior this coming school year. This has made me rethink my school plans for the future. I plan to take a gap year after high school. Has anybody here done that? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Also, I am not sure what kind of school I will be able to get into. Do schools mind gap years? Will they be more or less likely to accept my application if I plan to enroll a year before entering? What level of school can I expect to get into with the following?: GPA: Freshman (at private school): 4.0 "Sophomore" (technically freshman): 3.2 AP: Physics B ("Sophomore": 4) Physics C (Junior) Calc BC (Junior) Chem (Senior) SAT II: Math IIc ("Sophomore": 800) Physics ("Sophomore": 800) SAT: (Junior) Extra-/Co- curriular: Marching Band Film Society Trying to form computer club and join golf team
  2. Let me be the first (here) to congratulate you.
  3. We needed clearance for maintainence. WEa are building a removable bridge from the deck to the hot tub. My mom wants to do some more stuff, but it would be a lot easier had the cement guy not made the slab too big.
  4. More Pics (I am LOVING this thing!)
  5. I fixed it. I had to bleed the air out of that pump. My dad wouldn't let me go in to do that, so i had to cycle it off and on until the air bubbled out reluctantly.
  6. After a summer of waiting, my family's hot tub arrived. This is a Master Spas LS850, 3 powerful pumps, 69 jets *insert Tim Allen grunt here*. Unfortunately, only 2/3 pumps work, rendering the 2 far seats non-working. I am still very eager to try it out once it heats up (and hopefully a technician comes over to fix it). http://masterspas.com/LS850.asp From before I filled it:
  7. Go into "Mode" and change "Exact" to "Approx".
  8. [obvious sarcasm]Nawwwwwww, I meant one gigabyte. When you pay more they lower the amount you can transfer.[/obvious sarcasm] Fixed. Oh yea, I found the clip from the news in Slovakia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh4JfO8sc2g
  9. I am starting to build a website, and I would like some assistance with it. The construction of this will require knowledge of AJAX and/or PHP. I will not divulge the details of the site, but it will be at http://headhitsdesk.com. Anybody interested can PM me or IM me (info in profile).
  10. actually, using Godaddy, i get 250GB for $4/month. If I upgrade to the next plan, i will get 1TB which should be enough for only $7/month
  11. Adsense shut down my account because of the sudden rush of clicks
  12. I just got back from band camp to find this: My website was featured on Reuters TV, so I've been getting a TON of hits from China and Eastern Europe. My Alexa ranking has changed from ~4,000,000 to around 40,000. I am ecstatic.
  13. This is a perfectly working Opteron 148 (2.2 Ghz). It OCs pretty well (got it to almost 3.0). Make me a reasonable offer.
  14. Longhorn was the code name. Vista is the current beta and actual release product name.
  15. I have been becoming less and less active for a number of months. I aim to become more helpful once the school year starts, but I am generally less knowledgable about computers than I used to be. I need to get back up to date on my knowledge. I don't OC anymore and I don't even game all that much becuase my dad messed up the internet connection. When I am able to be helpful, I will post. But posts like Hyper's or bigred's in this thread are not going to keep me here.
  16. Crap... this is embarassing. I used to make fun of my sister for liking a band called "Death Cab for Cutie." I had no idea that they were any good. And she has the CDs.
  17. What you will need for the screws is a T6 (Torx 6) screwdriver.
  18. I am looking for some new music to listen to after realizing that I have little that I haven't listened to and a lot that I don't even like. I recently started liking the Postal Service. Are there any good bands that have a similar sound? What bands do anybody else that likes the Postal Service listen to? (I know there is a major grammatical error somewhere in there)
  19. I, for one, welcome our Neoseeker overlord. "Welcome." - AOL guy
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