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  1. Not really creepy, until I was in 8th grade. He dyed his hair blonde and got an earring. He was a good teacher. edit: The school put this up on their site:
  2. You didn't read the article correctly. That was just what they found in Canada. This prompted an investigation, which resulted in the police finding pictures of children in sexual acts.
  3. edit: video: http://news12.com/LI/topstories/article?id=182846#
  4. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/new...egion-apnewyork the story was picked up by AP I was with him when he bought one of the external HDs. edit: oh, and Bionix, I'd say this is a problem:
  5. He said "I will eat you" in a joking matter like "I'll kill you". e.g.: If you don't hand this assignment en, I'll eat you.
  6. http://www.newsday.com/news/local/longisla...ll=ny-li-bigpix I am amazed by this. He was my teacher in 5th and 6th grade. I worked on the sound system with him in 8th. He was creepy, but I never expected anything like this. Although I did once run into him at compusa when he was buying a new large HD (now I know what it was used for).
  7. Don't refer to Caesar by his first name. What your teacher told you about are appositives. You used that correctly, just make sure to use apostrophe's correctly. Julius adopted great-nephew -> Caesar's adopted great-nephew oh yea, and sorry about those mistakes. I fixed them. For some reason, copy/paste wasn't working before so I typed that manually.
  8. Just from a very quick glance, I noticed a few things you may want to change. If you plan on beginning the essay with a question, make sure it is a complete sentence such as "Do you ever wonder how...?". Reconsider the use of the words "definitely" and "fanatic". Also, check your comma usage. "In conclusive" is not good grammar. Also, you should not conclude essays with "In conclusion". The sentence is also awkward in its length and phrases like "not only because...but more importantly is..." don't follow grammatical rules. Once again, reconsider comma usage. Sounds more like a 4th grade essay than a college essay.
  9. Well, I am using it for temporary storage (apps and such). For things like music and pictures, I am using the 200GB drive. It is really for speed, not the space.
  10. I just installed the third HD in my RAID 0 setup. I am, needless to say, pleased with the results. RAID 0 with three SATA Seagate 7200.9 drives: Single ATA 133 Maxtor 6L200L0 (my main data drive): For comparison, 2 Raptors in a RAID 0:
  11. alright, sorry How about $130 shipped.
  12. Because the regents exams won't let you use a calculator with the CAS. Math A largely revolves around quadratic equations and things of that nature, so the TI-89 would be like cheating.
  13. A lot of schools (the majority) don't allow calculaters with the CAS until the AP level classes. They are not allowed on the SAT or Regents in NY (they are on the SAT IIs and APs). You may need an 83(+) or 84(+) in addition to the 89, if not exclusively. I have a titanium, which is great for my own mathematical research aside from school. It can find integrals and derivatives much easier than the non-CAS calculators. But for AP Calc and AP Physics C, my 83+ is fine because I learn more, at least in the introduction to a topic.
  14. There is more to come. I decided to clean out my basement, where i have a few old computers. I will put a line in between the different computers that the parts are from. If you have any questions or would like me to find more specifics about any part, don't hesitate to ask. Western Digital WD400 40 GB IDE Hard Drive Generic internal CD Drive Generic internal floppy drive Generic internal Zip drive basic PCI sound card ATI Rage 128 AGP basic 10/100 NIC 1 GHz Pentium III (256 kb L2, 133 MHZ bus), socket 370 stock socket 370 heatsink 256 MB stick Hyundai PC133 SDRAM Dell Chassis Dell Socket 370 Mobo nVidia AGP Video Card (will figure out model later) 800 MHz Pentium III (256 kb L2, 100 MHz bus), slot 1 Kingston 128 MB stick of PC133 SDRAM generic 128 MB stick of PC100 SDRAM generic internal CD drive Dell chassis Dell slot 1 mobo basic PCI sound card basic 10/100 NIC 256 MB stick PC133 SDRAM I also have 2 other PC133 sticks of indeterminate capacity Abit VIA chipset socket A mobo AMD Athlon XP 1700+ proc, socket A Jetart Socket A HSF S3 Trio 32 PCI gfx card Netgear FA310TX 10/100 NIC generic 10/100 NIC generic internal CD drive generic internal floppy drive Antec 250W PSU IBM Desksstar 40GB HD 5,400 RPM Kingston 128MB PC133 generic 128MB PC100 Intel 815 chipset mobo with onboard graphics 733 MHz Pentium III (256 kb L2, 133 MHz bus), socket 370 Also: Sunbeam Transformer case partially working iBook g3 I live in NY and accept paypal.
  15. Nice! I have the 2405fpw and I must say, It's one of the few things I have bought that has never lost its novelty. After having it for months, I still love it when I see it.
  16. Banksy is awesome. I love his work on the wall between Israel and the West Bank (although I disagree with his views.) http://www.banksy.co.uk/outdoors/palestine/index.html
  17. How is that racist? We aren't against their race. We are against the people who come here illegally and then disrespect our country.
  18. not planning, those are my scores edited for clarity
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