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  1. I have a big problem and I would like some tips. I was running windows xp until I (finally) received SuSe 9.2. After I installed it, I notices windows was not in my boot menu. I tried adding it and it worked, but when I clicked windows, it told me that a certain file (i dont remember which one) was missing or corrupt. I went back into linux, created a fat32 partition, and backed up my data since I still could access my c: drive from linux, I booted the xp setup CD and deleted my previous windows partition. I formatted as NTFS(not quick) and tried to install windows. It told me that the drive was corrupt. So I decided to try to install windows on my (now) former linux partition. I got the same error. I booted to the Suse 9.2 LiveCD. It will not let me mount my backup partition(I want to put the backup onto DVDs). I dont know what to do without losing my data. Any ideas? BTW: I did not know whether to post this in the linux or windows forum, so a mod can move it if they can or if it is possible Thanx! Edit: Oh yea, and i also set the mobo's bios settings to default
  2. idk what i am going to do about this. I took a 286 out of an old toshiba, but my father said I couldn't because the computer had "value". I could probably get one on ebay for less than $5 though
  3. do any of you have any burnt out or old cpus that would make a good keychain? I am looking for one cuz i have seen CPU keychains and I really want one. Thanx
  4. thanx. I am a kinda n00b. Ill post in the marketplace.
  5. do any of you have any burnt out or old cpus that would make a good keychain? I am looking for one cuz i have seen CPU keychains and I really want one. Thanx
  6. I'm not sure what he needs the computer for. I will suggest a cube, though. I think he needs a desktop.
  7. I have a customer to whom I quoted $1200 for a PC with a 3.0e P4, 160 GB HD, 512 MB PC3200, Samsung dvd +/- RW, and an Aopen H340D microatx case. For some reason, this customer is pretty set on a smaller case than the AOpen 12x15 case, like the 10.6x10.6 IBM tiny case. Do any of you have suggestions on what kind of a similar configuration I can do with a case the size of the IBM for about the same price. I am trying to steer away from mini itx, but i am flexible. Any suggestions?
  8. it's the J2SE runtime environment. On my rig, firefox found it.
  9. i wanted kerry, but i am very happy that democracy has worked. I am not the one to decide who would be better. The masses can make the decision better. Plus, im not old enough to vote.
  10. i once borrowed my father's 2.5-3-3-7 ram, but it was not stable, even at 240 FSB. I had 240 FSB at 3-4-4-8. I got the simpletech ram and it is stabilizing my system with timings of 2.5-4-4-8 and 250 fsb
  11. i have managed to crank a couple more mhz put of it. I am running 3500 mhz at 1.7 V vcore. haven't had much time for testing stability, though. But so far, so good.
  12. thanx for the help. I am using 1 512 stick of cheap crucial 3200 and 1 512 stick of simpletech (cheap) 3200 ram. I bought my mobo used off of newegg and i have the feeling that somebody failed an attempt at a mod because i set the vcore to 1.5875 V and cpuz showed 1.64 - 1.66 V. Also, the usb headers didnt work. I will try your suggestion.
  13. at school, in 2 class periods, 1100 objects had accumulated on the computer i was using (thanks to me, allegedly)! Although the guy next to me had 975. I think it was from my personal home page. Can u people try to validify this. My URL is david.herzka.com
  14. try using Freshdownload. It increased download speed and u can resume.
  15. ^click the paranoid-looking guy for a good dual-boot option
  16. check this out: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...=&threadid=1097 sounds useful. i am going to try it on my comp when I get 2 it in 2 days
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