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    A bunch of p4 2.4s at my old school, an A64 2800+ and several older p4s at my parents' office, my dad's A64 2800+, and my own machine (although I just installed it, so my PPD should go up soon).
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    I just noticed that I passed the 300k point mark recently.
  3. Wouldn't I know? My laptop is down there (explaining the charger), but I'll keep my desktop in my room.
  4. We recently redid our basement, and I've claimed it as my own personal hangout. My Entertainment Center: And, of course, I have a closet for my miscellaneous electronics: I now spend all my time down there. It is 1337 h4xx0rz, so to speak.
  5. Sorry, gimme a sec to decide on one.
  6. I got it back today. A+! Thanks for your help, guys.
  7. This is a Tivo Series2 DVR. It has been used for years and is running strong. I added a new 200GB Hard Drive recently to replace the old 40GB, so it can record over 200 hours of video at low quality (the same benchmark as the original 40-hour rating) and over 62 at high quality. I am asking $120 for this. I am located on Long Island, NY. I take PayPal.
  8. It turns out that my mom just threw out a lot of this stuff. Can a mod please close this thread? I'll make a new one when I figure out what I still have. Thanks.
  9. The problem with rearranging the furniture is as follows: 90 degrees to the right: There are also windows and a sliding door on the wall behind me in the first pic, so that would be shining right onto the TV. 180 degrees: Not ideal to have TV right in front of a window. 90 degrees to the left: Right in front of door leading to Jacuzzi - not good for electronics or accessibility.
  10. Tomorrow, my family's new Mitsubishi WD-65831 (65" DLP) is going to arrive. I am undecided on where to put the TV. We have two possible setups. One is in the basement, which we recently renovated, and the other is in the living room, which is bigger but has a wall of windows, so I am worried about TV visibility during the day. The living room currently has a Toshiba 46HM84 (46" DLP), which will end up in whichever room we don't put the 65". By the way, that couch in the basement can be pushed back another 3 or 4 feet. Also, we are putting large designer speakers in the basement that are currently in storage. The living room: The basement:
  11. easy. x=y so x-y=0 x-y=2x-2y but the next step is dividing both sides by (x-y), which you cannot do because x-y=0 and you can't divide by zero. You can only subtract (x-y) from both sides, giving you x-y=0, which you already knew.
  12. Opening Credits: Jacqueline - Franz Ferdinand Waking up: Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton First Day at High School: Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - The Who Falling In Love: Junk - Wings Fight Song: Museum - Donovan Breaking Up: Magic Bus - The Who Prom: 99 Red Balloons - Nena Life: Mental Cabaret - The Polyphonic Spree Mental Breakdown: Here it Goes Again - OK Go Driving: My Generation - The Who Flashback: The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) - Simon and Garfunkel Getting Back Together: 1000 Miles Per Hour - Ok Go (fitting) Wedding: Love Me Two Times - The Doors Birth of Child: Down South Jukin' - Lynyrd Skynyrd (that one is kind of funny - down south, baby) Final Battle: We're Not Gonna Take it - The Who (excellent fit) Death Scene: Comin' Home - Lynyrd Skynyrd Funeral Song: Behind Blue Eyes - The Who End Credits: Girlfriend - Wings
  13. I hear ya clay. Within 5 or so miles of my house, as far as electronics stores go, there is a Best Buy, a Circuit City, a PC Richard's, a Harvey, a CompUSA, a Microcenter, a Sony Style, an Apple Store, 2 Staples, an FYE, a EB, 2 Gamestops, and 2 Radioshacks.
  14. *Clears Throat* Staples: -3 1 GB Flash Drives -2 200 GB HDs -2 DVD Burners -a laminator (why, i don't know) -1 2 GB Flash Drive -Samsung Laser Printer -2 UPSes -a bluetooth headset -2 50-pack DVDs Radio Shack: -Casio Exilim -case for exilim -tripod -2 bluetooth headsets -portable DVD player Then I went to NYC Hammacher Schlemmer: -earmuffs w/ headphones built in Bloomingdale's: Cashmere Sweater Merino Wool Sweater Mavi Jeans I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY!
  15. The only good myspace is one that redirects to about:blank.
  16. I apologize. As of late, I have been less active on OCC and haven't seen that there were responses. The problem with the iBook is just in the power connection. It sporadically works when you jiggle the connector right, but it won't charge because the battery is dead. Let me try to find the specs. (yes, I know, this is the same thing that happened in September, but this time I'll get you the specs and not forget about it)
  17. I don't like Bruno as much as Borat. The only Bruno segment I really like is the one at Daytona Beach: http://youtube.com/watch?v=BNBD_p6xB4A
  18. I have been a fan of the show for a long time, so I was just expecting more of the show (which has me rolling on the floor laughing every episode). Borat delivered. I thought it was better than the show in some places, on par in others, and worse in others. On the whole, I thought it was better.
  19. I apologize. It just seemed like it may have been taken from that commercial as that was the first time I'd heard that cover (I never saw Donnie Darko) and I thought it was the TFF version in Donnie Darko. My mistake.
  20. It's kind of cheap that you used the music from the GOW commercial. At least use the (good) Tears for Fears original version. Other than that, nice! I like the apple bit.
  21. I suppose. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind though. It's probably still in warranty, though I bought it on eBay.
  22. I arrived home from a party yesterday to find my computer frozen (monitor in standby, fans running, etc.). I rebooted and it froze on "Detecting Array..." I unplugged each of the drives in my RAID 0 to find which was stalling it, and found the culprit. It was making the grind of death. I am now using Vista, which I installed on my 200GB HD Friday Night (luckily). Tonight I'll have to reinstall XP on my now only 2 hard drive RAID (tear). Luckily, the only data I lost were some DVDs I backed up and my bookmarks since my last backup. I always kept the important stuff on my single drive.
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