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  1. Wow, I completely neglected this thread after I made that post. I think it's so funny that so many veterans stumbled on this. I noticed it on the front page when I came here for PSU advice for my new rig (first build since freshman year of HS in 2006!). It's amazing how much has changed since I was on OCC. I am now going into my sophomore year at Duke majoring in ECE and Compsci. The value of what I learned here years ago is really showing now as I still have great knowledge of esoteric concepts for which I am finally learning the fundamental theories. Can somebody please summarize what's been going on on OCC since '06 for me :-) I miss you guys! As usual, !
  2. O hai guys. Thought I'd join in the fun.
  3. I really don't have too much time to sell all this. I will negotiate - this stuff just has to go!
  4. I used it I think for three years. It was OCed for the first of those.
  5. Sorry for the delay, I was in Israel and not on the internet too much. The burner is Lite-On model SHW-160P6S04C.
  6. Pricing added and I am parting out. I will also be selling my Dell 24" 2405fpw display for $350 + shipping.
  7. My bad Verran. Just gimme a few hours and I'll have prices up.
  8. Well, that is because I have no idea how I should price it. I'll consult with people and get back to you with a price for the whole kit and caboodle.
  9. Just a little background: I used to be really into overclocking, as many of you may remember. When I fell out of love with it two years ago, I fell hard. I am now completely ignorant about computers, and I can't even handle the rig I built several years ago myself. It does not run stably as it is because I am too lazy to actually try to get the RAM timings stable. I am sure that somebody else will be able to get all that stuff running smoothly. Now I'm going off to college and I need to unload this computer during the summer. I would prefer not to part out (I'm afraid I'll break something. I haven't even opened a computer in years), but if it becomes necessary, I will. All prices do not include shipping. They are negotiable. Here are the specs: DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D (modded to SLI) - $90 Athlon64 3700+ - $40 2x512MB PDP/Patriot TCCD - $50 2x512MB cheaper PDP (blue heat spreader, that's all I know) - $40 Maxtor 200gb STM3200820A Hard Drive - $40 Maxtor 200gb 6L200P0 Hard Drive - $40 3 x 80gb HD (don't remember manufacturer) in RAID 0 - $30 each Samsung SM-352N DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo - $10 DVD Burner (Lite-On, I think) - $15 XFX 7800gtx 256MB - $60 Antec Neopower 480 PSU - $40 Dell 2405FPW - $350 I'll try to answer any questions you have, but I honestly don't know too much about computers any more. Thanks for looking!
  10. Well, I just tried it, and the program seems to be almost working in Matlab. Now to find where I went wrong...
  11. Hey, guys. I just decided to pop in. I need to build a program for a school project, and I am by far more comfortable in TI-BASIC than in any other language. Would it be possible for somebody to convert this program into a Matlab script. Some definitions: rs and rss are 2x52 matrices, rscc is a 1x2 matrix, rsh is a 52x1 matrix, and rsp, rsf, rshc, rsd, and rsturns are integer variables. Here's the program. Thanks a lot! rat()Prgm 1
  12. Black Onyx DS Lite: This was used for about a week, and it has just been sitting on a shelf for several months. It will come with the charger, whatever other original package contents i can find, and two games: -New Super Mario Bros. -Yoshi's Island DS for $150 + shipping, or we can negotiate for the system and games separately. Sennheiser CX300-B Black Earbuds: I bought these last week because I lost my old pair, but I have since found it. They are virtually unused, and they will come with the medium sized ear inserts. $35 + shipping I take paypal and live in NY.
  13. I have been trying to access matlab through Columbia, where I'm doing research, via SSH. It works fine on Cygwin and OS X (with X11), but it doesn't quite work on Ubuntu Fiesty. It connects and opens matlab properly, but matlab just displays grey. Menus work, but any window is greyed out. In the screenshot, you can see that I'm connecting properly. Does anybody have a solution?
  14. I just want to repaint it because right now it's white, which I don't like. Maybe some internal modifications, but I probably won't.
  15. Alright, thanks guys. That's a good idea. I can spend some time this fall modding it because my sister will be away, and then I'll drive it when I get my license. I think I'll go for the Maxima if my dad really wants me to have a four-door.
  16. Thanks for the help, guys, but I am asking about the choices I provided, not for other options.
  17. Those models just seemed like the best bang for the buck.
  18. I didn't ask for judgments on my way of life. These are my options. If you think I'm spoiled, I agree, but that doesn't mean that I'll buy a really cheap car. I'm not going to pretend I'm not well off.
  19. Well, I'm getting my license in December, and I have to start deciding what to drive. My sister got a 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS last year, but I was thinking of getting a four-door sedan so that I can be more useful. My dad gave me a budget of around $30,000, so I am looking a new Nissan Altima (3.5 SL) or Maxima. But now that I think of it, the Eclipse is a decent car. It is pretty weak because it is the 4-cylinder model. The Maxima and the Altima are both over 250 hp while the Mitsubishi is 162. However, it would be plenty cheaper to keep the Eclipse. I figure that if I decide to keep the Eclipse, I'll get it repainted orange (it is currently white). How much would that cost? I figure I can convince my dad to pay for that if I save him so much by keeping the car. It is in almost perfect condition with about 6000 miles. Maybe I can also negotiate for some other performance or aesthetic modifications. What should I do?
  20. Erm... I don't get it... I was referring to building.
  21. I just decided to stop by again. I have been out of the computer enthusiast scene for about a year now. What's new on OCC? What's new in the computer world? What is the best system you can get for $1000 now? I was starting to miss this place.
  22. Well, guys, I've decided to get with the times and upgrade my computer finally. Make offers on these because i have no idea how much these should go for. I have been out of the loop for about a year now. I'm just selling the parts I can't reuse or want to replace. I take paypal and live in NY. DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D (modded to SLI) - $100 Athlon64 3700+ (missing 2 pins, still works perfectly.) - $40 2x512MB PDP/Patriot TCCD RAM - $120 2x512MB Patriot Signature RAM - $80 Antec Neopower 480 PSU - $80 Thank you for looking.
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