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  1. Nice! After resetting the defaults it works perfect! The only thing is now i feel kind of stupid for overlooking that. thanks a bunch!
  2. I just got my new 8800GTS in today and was ready to get rid of my AGP 6800GT. So, I set the bios to PCI-E from AGP, installed the new card made sure everything was secure and connected. Started up the computer and the bios comes up and then locks up before it detects my hard drives. Even if I try to go into the bios it will say "Entering setup..." and then it will freeze before it gets there. It's driving me crazy because in order to change anything in the bios I have to swap out the graphics card and then swap it back to test. =( my specs Asrock 939Dual-Sata2 bios 1.50 (none of the newer ones mention anything about pci-e/8 series cards) Opteron 165 @ 2.5ish Ghz 8800GTS 320MB Fortron Blue Storm 500w igore the specs in my sig.. lol those are old
  3. I like the album 'sound track to your escape' the best. Atleast the first couple of songs anyways. Is there new CD 'Come Clarity'?
  4. no file transfers, only allows @gmail.com (95% of my contact list is @hotmail.com) hardly any actual features right now. its nothing special, looks nice though and connects fast... it's got nothing on trillian.
  5. i have an Alice Cooper music dvd and Saving Private Ryan... and that's it.
  6. kalmah is great...... Immortal - Kingdom Cold Immortal - danged in Black Immortal - Mountains of Might Immortal - Tyrants Heavenly - Fight for deliverance Heavenly - Illusion part II Blind Guardian - And the there was Silence Avantasia - The Seven Angels Stratovarious - Infinity Graveworm - (N)utopia Ensiferum - Sword Chant Ensiferum - Slayer of Light Ensiferum - Treacherous Gods Vital Remains - Devoured Elysium Six Feet Under - Lycanthropy Cryptic Wintermoon - Into Ashes Dimmu Borgir - Kings of the Carnival Creation Skyfire - Timeless Departure Thyrfing - Kaos
  7. From the family guy movie... Tom Tucker: "And i can't check my email from home" Ollie: "Did you check your TCP/IP settings?" Tom Tucker: "Yeah" Ollie: "Did you enable cookies?" Tom Tucker: "Yeah" Ollie: "You want this dog!?"
  8. Isn't that for the setting in BF2? "Ultra High X-FI" ? /me thinks about getting one...
  9. I dunno, this looks kinda nice: http://www.start.com/2/ but i'd never use it.
  10. /me finishes eating carrot muffins at the comp. Does having a mini coffee maker on my desk count as 'food'? this one:
  11. yeah but only because no one is usually home so I just bring my food up to my desk... and the fact that my dad uses the dining room table as a computer desk. =/
  12. The things I thought were dumb were:
  13. The only game that wouldn't install on SP2 but did after uninstalling it was Farcry... pretty common bug apparently. (with farcry anyways)
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