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  1. http://usa.asus.com/products/vga/v9999gt/overview.htm read Chipset Feature
  2. even new egg said it was 1ghz on the ram, are you looking at the 256mb version or 128 im off to class for a while
  3. GeForce 6800 Ultra GeForce 6800 GT GeForce 6800 GeForce 6800LE GeForce 6600 GT GeForce 6600 GeForce FX5950 Ultra GPU-Takt 400 MHz 350 MHz 325 MHz 300 MHz 500 MHz 300 MHz 475 MHz Fertigungsprozess 0,13
  4. i would like to know where you get your information from, considering all the reviews ive read on this state it is the GT Core, 16 pipelines, all tests shows it keeping up with the ultra, as it should since the clock speeds are relatively close IF it is just a beefed up 6800 then its not even an NV40 core, which is what the GTs are made off of, if its not the 40 core, it cant be labeled a GT http://www.hardwareluxx.de/cms/artikel.php...w&id=73&seite=7 take a look at the table here, you dont need to know any foreign language to figure out whats listed there http://www.hardwareluxx.de/cms/artikel.php...&id=73&seite=25 3d mark scored, consistant with other review sites ive read if asus is just beefing up 6800 with the 6800 core *cant remember the name but i know its not NV40* then they would have had some meetings with some lawyers already NOW if yours or some other review sites that i may have skipped over only had 12 unlocked then i call faulty card, seeing as my neighbor has all 16 with mods
  5. Comes in today! I assuming that, with my luck anyway, that my proc is going to be the bottleneck as usual, but its sure gonna spank the **** out of my 5600xt, my other 512 of ram should be in tomorrow
  6. bringing the HTT down to 4-3 didnt do much at all really, stock timing on the ram didnt help either 205 wasnt stable anymore with HTT at 4x, put it back to five and even worse, 220 3x was satable longe rthan 205 4x but still crashed, kept the multi at 9 and timing stock, im just curious as to what cc's settings are since we have very similar mobos
  7. hes a better man than i am, id grab that ****** and beat him to death with my hands
  8. ill let you know for sure tomorrow, depends on if i got a paid holiday this year
  9. 60 shipped for the vid card or are you firm on that, ill paypal tomorrow right after work for that *i get out around 2ish cst* catch me on aim and drop me a message im in class right now TheMattMorgan
  10. Ill try that out when i get home tonight, ive got a computer literacy course *shakes fist at required courses* ill have my dad reset everything to default and go from there, lowering HTT and changing timings is there a way to unlock the multiplier, because i thought more multi less fsb was the way to go
  11. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=27453 205 from 200, bios multiplier changes dont actually change as in i set it to 10 to test it, it stayed at 9, if i got to 206, even with voltage changes *i tried about 80 combinations before i say screw it* windows is still unstable A64 3000+ GA-K8NS Ultra-939 GEIL Ultra PC3500 512m 256x2, running at 3200 for a while i had the memory running at 2-3-3-6, went back to default and was still unstable, any suggestions?
  12. i do a lot of plumbing at work teflon tape any threader connection, espcially if its stainless steel or plastic, those tend to leak a bit more
  13. well what did you pay for the raptor we can go from there since i SHOULD be getting a SATA board in soon
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