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  1. Yeah, right now everything is stripped to the bare minimum.
  2. A few weeks ago I decided to install a tv-tuner card and when I went to reboot I got a BIOS Checksum error. I have an ASUS board, so it bugged me to put in a CD or Floppy to reflash with. I put in a floppy, but it wouldn't flash, it wouldn't go past " Reading ******.ROM". After much fiddling with resetting the CMOS and such, I decided that my only option was to buy a new BIOS chip. I got that the other day, and it seemed to work with everything stripped down, so I put everything back together, including the tv-tune.r. I turned it on again and got another BIOS Checksum error. This chip does let me flash the BIOS again, and it boots after I flash, but if I reboot the PC again after that it always goes back to a BIOS Checksum error. I have no clue what this problem could be. My CMOS battery is alright, I've cleared the CMOS, although I haven't tried it over night. I don't think it's the RAM. Anyone have any clue what it could be? By the way, the board is a ASUS K8V SE Deluxe. Thanks for any help guys.
  3. Here's my current setup with PCLinuxOS 2007 Test Release 2 (I need to update soon). I sure do love beryl =).
  4. Oh okay, I thought it wasn't booting at all or something, which has happened to me many times messing with ipod linux =p.
  5. Does the iPod not work anymore? It should still boot into disk mode, try holding the center button and the menu button and the iPod should reboot. Than hold the center button and the play button. It should go into disk mode. From there you should be able to run a firmware update and restore your iPod back to its original state. You won't have all your songs, but hopefully you had those all backed up.
  6. We made that stuff in class year, it was pretty fun to mess with. You could run it through your fingers, but than if you punched it, it would solidify. You could probably google the water to cornstarch, I think its 2 to 1, though I'm not sure, and make it in a bucket or something. It can get a bit messy though .
  7. www.computergee.deviantart.com Not very much on there, I should be adding more to it later though.
  8. Thanks for this, I may try to contact the main offices, we got no where with the local Verizon store, we threatened to switch and everything. They said the only thing they could do is replace with the same phone for $50 or something like that. My mom was steaming lol. As for paying full price, I simply cannot afford that (unemployed highschool freshmen ).
  9. According this this article I'm now allowed to terminate my Verizon contract with out being charged. I've been wanting to do this for sometime, but I still have until October before my contract ends. I do not want to leave Verizon, I simply want a new phone, but I would have to pay full price. To clear things up, I'm to cheat my way into getting an upgrade, my current phone has a lot of problems, and I have already replaced it once. Verizon offered me the same phone, but since I've had the same model twice with the same problems I don't want the same phone. I was wondering if anyone here with knowledge of Verizons policies, knew whether I would be allowed to cancel my current contract, sign a new contract thus getting a new phone at a discounted rate, while keeping my same phone number.
  10. Seems like UT2007 is being released on the 5th, yay! http://cyber-knowledge.net/blog/2006/12/31...7-release-date/ EDIT: I'm not sure how accurate this is though. Heres the discussion at digg. http://digg.com/gaming_news/Unreal_Tournam...eased_January_5 yeah it dosn''t seem very accurate at all, sorry if I excited you guys .
  11. Crysis, UT2007 (anyone know when this ones coming out?), Alan Wake. :angry2: I thought I heard they crushed the GoW for PC rumor. If not Gears of war too.
  12. This would be useful for people who can't find a place to put the sensor bar, or it gets in the way. The cord could be too short or something. Maybe of candles, you could just use two IR LEDS connected to a battery, and hide them somewhere its more convient.
  13. Here is mine, well this is my test profile, since my real one is private. I made it from scratch. Note the tabs on top of the main box, no one ever sees em lol. Link
  14. Doom sucked, they totally twisted the story . Isn't the halo movie supposed to be directed by Peter Jackson or something though?
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