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  1. Check out this thread: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Win_Xp_...ion-t62906.html
  2. If its larger than (i think) 36GB then you either need to use a 3rd party app away from windows like partition magic or dos to manage it.
  3. http://www.trillian.cc It is teh best.
  4. Yeah i'm wondering this too. Scores stay the same between 2 and 2.5GB of RAM (2GB having faster latencies). Any solid way to test which of these performs better?
  5. ! Funny story indeed, and exactly why you shouldn't start playing this game.
  6. Coolzero101: Bought HL2 from him, he sent it right after i payed him through paypal, came as stated. Would definitely do business with again.
  7. Just got HL2 - came as stated. Sorry it took so long with the paypal, thanks!
  8. Oh, so now there's proof that there was a Jesus, eh?
  9. Same here. Everyday I come home thinking I'll get it done so I can relax. Every day though, I find some sort of way to avoid it until 10:00 and then I'm up until midnight doing work and only get five hours of sleep. This year, howerver, i'm determined to break that habit and start getting it done. It's funny how much more I could relax if I would just get it done, but how my brain just completely rejects that idea.
  10. There's two coming out, Euroforce and Armored Fury. It's sad that they spend time developing these booster packs to get more money and no time making the original BF2 solid and stable. More here: http://www.ea.com/official/battlefield/bat...tyupdate_011106
  11. And let me guess, you were hit as a child
  12. Yeah, just don't be near ClayMeow when he has a belt :thumbs-up:
  13. A child isn't born with a future of punching and scratching already determined, nor is it reliant on the area in which they live. In this instance I'm sure that the child was physically abused before, which atleast contributed to their punching and scratching in the future, and then i'm sure they were hit after they acted this way. People who were abused in the past justify their persecution by allowing themselves to do it and accepting it as okay. Anything more than a light spanking is useless and counterproductive, and there's no other way I could see it.
  14. That disgusts me. People who endorse this kind of stuff just can't handle the issue in any other way, so they turn to physical strength to discipline them.
  15. Ha! Show me where you got that statistic! A light buttspank is different from a hit though, and when I see videos of adults beating their children it makes me want to vomit. It's not the way to raise a child and they just repeat what happened to them on their kids.
  16. :thumbs-up: Wow...31 out of 43 people say yes...this place is scary. Hitting a child does nothing except possibly psychologically screw them up.
  17. are you using the same type of cd's? I bought some 52x "Great Quality" CDs from Frys that burn at 16x
  18. Tools->Manage Add Ons Select "Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer" select Java Plugin and tick disable.
  19. Nope...that turned into the "Valve Complete Pack" for $80 (as opposed to the $60 that you could get silver for a over a year ago).
  20. somehow i find that doubtful
  21. Never heard of computer vacuums, but the safest thing to do is to just take it out in your garage or something and spray all of the dust out of it with compressed air. If you haven't done this in a while you will often notice a decrease in temp.
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