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  1. I prefer to call Wales something a little closer to "saskatchewan" that would make more sense to me. As far as me being from the 60's? Yes. Yes I am. I am 45 and I like John Cena and strange hippie words.... that sounds exactly like me... I mean IS me.... I wonder how long this topic will stay open now that I am indeed a drunk crackhead from Wales that is 45 and says weird things.... ut oh here is a story coming on.... ...So there was an old man who liked to ride his shiney new red bike, so much infact that he rode it everyday to the local "grocers" as he liked to call it. he shined up his new bike extra shiney today, becaue there was a sale on cabbage, and boy did he like cabbage. So on this way to the store, with his bags in hand and his mind racing of what kind of cabbage they would have today he saw a liitle penguin walking around smiling...the old man thought "ah a few extra minutes to pet this lovely penguin couldn't hurt" so he stopped and put up his kickstand and walked over to the penguin and said "hello friend" then the penguin bites his hand as hard as he has ever felt pain, the old man yelps out his warcry and begins to bite his own hand... the penguin walks away at this point.... and the old man walks north (as he was alway taught to do in a crisis) but forgets his bike, so on his 3 step journey back to his shiney red bicycle he notices something shiney on the ground as well. "a nickel" he proclaims with great speed and accuracy. Then all of a sudden he sees the penguin AND HIS BICYCLE.... this angers the old man and he lets out 4 short yelps like a camel in heat, this only angers the penguin and he pulls out a spoon with "the spoon is family" written on the side in jiffy marker, at first the old man laughs at the stupid penguin, but then just as suddenly the old man now knows he might have met his match, and darts towards the bike with arms swinging like a windmill. the penguin makes its penguin noise and jumps off with the spoon in hand and begins singing X-mas carols. The old man, bewildered begins walking south by mistake right into oncoming danger... a GOAT!!!! the goat bleets at him and the old man shakes it's hand. The goat knows the score and runs at the penguin with such speed and recklessness the old man had never seen in all his days and laughs. this causes the goat to get off course and runs into a small child by the name of Winston. Winston doesn't appreciate such things and throws the goat at the penguin, causing such a great explosion that the old mans bike is melted. So, after this happens, and the old man stopped crying over his tragic loss, they go to the local "grocers" and pick up some cabbage and limabean soda (Winstons favorite). At this point you'll never believe what the old man saw..... .....Until next time ladies and gentlemen NINJA OUT!!!!
  2. wow!!! All the ninja's have come out from their hiding....anyways...... So everyone thinks I am unstable huh? Well I guess I made a good introduction. I just did that so I'd make a name for myself here. that was fun... Yeah I'm not unstable, I'm not drunk, I'm not on drugs or anything else, I just did that for fun. Now didn't everyone have fun? Yeah. So I know "somebody" on this board, and was invited to come join. I'm not a computer expert, I'm only decently good at a few things. But I do enjoy fun message boards, which this has so far been... with everyone thinking I was serious with what I was writing... that was BOSS!!! On a side note, what is with the talk of llamas? I have some good stories about llammas..... Yes I also understand what this forum is all about too... but I have my fun... so don't ruin it. This is the clock club, where people tell time..... ALL THE TIME!!!!! Which by the way... it's now 2:31 Captains Log Stardate: 2542-659 I'll hang out here cause it seems like a fun place, if you all have fun with my jokes and such. Keep it NINJA!!!!!!
  3. oooohhh... theres another ninja in the club. Theres so many this could almost be called "super secret ninja club" and we could train the ninjas to fight crime, but they'd have to live in the sewer, and there could only be 4 of them and their REAL fearless leader would have to be a SUPER ninja rat. This would only happen after we pour radioactive green slime on them to make them super strong and they would fight "foot soldiers" oh.... they'd have to be turtles too, hmmmm..... this is more complicated then I thought.... maybe the club should stay soley named "the clock club"!!!! (which I think is a superb idea) Well Gotta Go.... 9:27 Super hyper secret ninja welcomes all...... WAH.....CHA!!!!!!!1111!!!!one!!!!111!!
  4. no................ both of you are wrong, neither gets a hero cookie (which I WAS going to give out), but I sure do like the idea of a club dedicated solely to clocks, now I just have to get one.... watches don't count here, do they? Are we playing a guessing game though? I'm sure eventually someone will figureout where I'm from.... or maybe not... then I might be on unsolved mysteries. And they'd play that scary music and have that old man talking in a large room with computers.... AND CLOCKS!!!!! Super-hyper-ninja says to keep things old school, midevil even..... with sundials!!1!!!1one!!111
  5. Yeah i'm new here.... I don't know what to write here, I came for the great music and fun people. Nobody knows who I am except one person, and I know who that is but nobody else does.... But I'm all ready for the challenge, I'm ready to tell time in the clock club. Right now it's 2:34 And remember.... only you can prevent forest fires. At least thats what a talking bear once told me. He was walking around with a shovel threatening people to stop being pyromaniacs.. He was a big bear and not friendly like paddington. Well it's late 2:36 to be exact (told you all I'd catch on quick to this "clock club")
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