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    ASUS P4P800 SE
    Pentium 4 3.2c @ 3.81
    2 x 512 PDP PC3200 Ram
    GeForce FX 5500
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  1. Hey people... Ive just sold my old PC (in profile) cuz its time for me to upgrade but now i really have no clue what to get. I want a really good gaming pc and im thinking about going with an AMD system this time. Budget... $2,000 I guess *shrug* I get all my stuff from newegg so can yall please hook me up with links from there. Any help is appreciated... Thanks in advance Here is what i have so far... CPU MoBo Ram HDD Video Card
  2. Ok...i took the thing apart, and got the rest of the pieces of the cd out then put it back together... But its still doing the same thing. As soon as i turn the pc on, the light on the cd drive comes on, and the drive opens up by itself. Anyone have any ideas??? That 20 dollars can buy like 5 gallons of gas
  3. Wuz up people... This guy I know put a slightly cracked cd in his cd drive, while inside the cd drive, the cd broke completely. *skipping a bunch of useless stuff* So most of the cd parts are out of the drive, but now the drive wont stay closed. 3 Seconds after it closes it opens again. As soon as you turn on the PC, the drive opens. should i take it apart or just have him to buy another cd drive? Thanks in advance...
  4. wth? the only thing that was on the hdd is the OS...on BOTH systems.
  5. Well...i like fast booting times. So does anyone else have some advice for me???
  6. Hey people...Here is the story. One of the PC's in my house was booting really fast (two times for the little blue bar thing) And it started doing that after i put a new HDD in it. Another PC was booting really slowly (like 6 - 11 times for the little blue bar thing) The HDD on that PC was almost full so i switched with the new HDD. Besides getting more space...i expected for my boot times to be faster than before, but they arent I put the old HDD back in the other PC and got windows installed...now that PC is STILL getting fast boot times. Wth?! Fast booting PC specs... ASUS P4BP MX Celeron 1.7 GHz 512 MB Ram Crappy PSU slow booting PC specs... ASUS P4P800 SE Pentium 4 3.2c @ 3.81 2 x 512 PDP PC3200 Ram 120 gig Seagate HDD Aspire 500W PSU Liquid cooled Anyone have any idea what the problem is??? Thanks in advance. Oh yeah...sorry if this is in the wrong place
  7. Ive been getting the gayest 30 - 50 pointers like all week...so im not really helping atm. Hopefully they send me at least some 100+ pointers soon
  8. Haha...CPU_Cooker just flew by me like I missed 3rd gear. And i KINDA did, my pump stopped in the middle of the night a few days ago, i didnt get this PC up and running until the next morning. So that was some lost folding time there. And I couldnt get a WU to work on after turning one in for 4 hours yesterday. He would have eventually passed me because he has more PCs folding than i do...but the race between me and him would have lasted longer. You're still right behind me though...i cant slip up
  9. We need more folders on our team...And we need the people that ARE on the team to actually fold. EOC Stats say that out of 803 people, only 232 are active.
  10. Compnub

    Bad News

    Well...getting yourself situated in your own place is really important, and its not like you'll never fold again. Running the people down that took your spot will be fun for you anyway. GL with gettin your own place man...
  11. I wanna eventually make my way to the top 100 but i gotta build some more folding rigs. Even though im nowhere near it, im still having fun trying to run from Ciddono and CPU_Cooker. I think they are gonna run me down in a little while though
  12. What happened to me? Did i get disqualified or something?
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