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  1. most important question does ur home player support DVD-R mine supports all
  2. Im selling my 2 day old 2600 xp and my gigabyte motherboard. Im willing to trades too. I'm selling for $125 Pm me more for details processor overclocks to 2.8 on stock heatsink thanks
  3. woot woot i win woot hahahahahaha im coming back
  4. yea if it gets broken in the mail, ups will cover it if u buy insurance too. if u brake it at the house then u will have to rma it to manufactor.
  5. can vouch for drew great seller. thanks
  6. yyea i have it pm me for more details
  7. I have a BFG 6800 ULTRA OC'D Edition for sale , I've had it for about 1 1/2 weeks and its a great card don't need all this power n e more. Retail on newegg for $489 will let it go for $375. Pm me for more details. thanks
  8. flash the bios too that will help with extra voltage.
  9. Wayway

    My Rig

    dvd rom is avalibe pm me
  10. ill take the selve kit pm me price
  11. Wayway

    My Rig

    tav i love u no woman could come between us im going to be up in nap sometime today u going to be home . I updated the list thanks.
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