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  1. I'm really glad it's inspired so many people,its a easy and cheap mod to do,you do need a lot of time and patience tho Yes it would kill your warranty if they saw it painted,but if you get a tissue ,cloth etc.. it will easily come off. Lee.
  2. Hi everyone,really glad you all like it Just to clear up a few questions,the gel pens are not "supposed" to be conductive I've been told,anyway when I was doing the lines on the gfx card and mobo a few lines and components joined together with ink and nothing has happened,Ive also been told that the boards have some sort of plastic coating on them too. As for damaging the board,I havent had a problem yet so I hope everything stays fine One other thing,I didnt use UV Paint,I used pens called BIC Gel Intensity,they are ballpoint pens that can be found quite easily.Other gel pens may work but I reccommend these.Highlighters do work but don't glow as much. Hope this helps Lee.
  3. The grapchics card took about 4 hours,cos I was doing it really carefully,the mobo took about 7!.It took that long cos the pen tip tends to slip a little and the ink doesnt always come out, but will a little patience everything went ok
  4. Thanks The pens I used are called BIC Gel Intensity,I found them in a couple of shops near me so I dont think there too hard to get.The dark colours wont glow but the lighter ones (orange,yellow,green & pink) glow very well Lee.
  5. Hi,after my 1st UV Drawing here: My 1st UV Drawing I couldn't help wanting to do more! so as you can see I've added a bit of colour to the heatsinks and then decided to go ahead and paint the mobo,then got a little carried away and painted the side of the RAM and the dvd,dvdv rw drives,lol The ink sorta got rubbed off the dvd drive with my hand when I was touching up the mobo (The pics are a little blurry couldnt keep my hand steady enough,lol) Anyway please let me know what you think! Cheers, Lee. Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 Pic 6 Pic 7
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