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  1. Thanks for all the help. Rokkaholik, based on your memory suggestions I assume that DDR2 1066 is the correct memory speed to go with? Also, I neglected to mention that I will not be overclocking in the near future. Will stock cooling then be fine? Which ever CPU I go with will likely be a retail box version so there will be a supplied HSF. edit for spelling
  2. The x2 4400+ is starting to show its age as I am now doing a lot of coding and multimedia work, often running many relatively intensive programs at the same time. Something is wrong with this computer, and after hours and hours of diagnostics without a clear answer, I've decided to bite the bullet and perform a major upgrade. It's about time anyway. I'll be re-using my video card (Radeon x1900xtx, I don't game at all on my PC) and my PSU (PC P&C Silencer 750watt), as well as my optical drive and hard drives. So, I need a CPU/Mobo/RAM and maybe a case. So far I'm looking at the Core 2 Quad Q9450 CPU, and an Asus P5Q Pro mobo. I'm really not sure as to what sort of memory to be using with this setup, so suggestions there are most welcome. I would like to have 4GB of memory, though. Also, if anyone has case suggestions, I'm all ears. Something understated and quiet is best; I've been told Lian Li is a solid brand. Thanks in advance.
  3. My Linux laptop is of a similar spec and I can run CS:S at low-medium settings. WoW I found was a bit of a pain and quite laggy at times. The 200m chipset is by no means a gaming powerhouse, but it can get the job done with lower end games.
  4. It was something different before it was edited...
  5. Good stuff, I see we have the same camera. What sort of lenses are you using?
  6. At least it's not another fart can Civic. Nice ride man
  7. My best on the rig in my signature is 6014 after a fresh install... and CPU at 2.6GHz I believe it was. So I'm not sure if yours should be a bit higher due to the C2D...
  8. 60-80 FPS at 1280x1024 doesn't seem right. My CPU is similar and at stock clocks (2.2GHz) I'll get 80-120 FPS everything maxed at 1280x1024. That's with 1 radeon x1900xtx at stock.
  9. Just a comment on the service turnaround with the new 3 year warranty: I sent my 360 in less than 2 weeks ago and was told it would be 4-6 weeks before seeing a new or repaired unit. I got my new one today, hope everyone else sees the same quickness :thumbs-up:
  10. I couldn't see doing sports with anything less than a fast 200-300mm lense, especially if it's indoor use. If you're only using it outdoors, I've had good luck with the Nikkor 70-300mm VR lense. It would work well with a D40x as it is an AF-S lense, so no worries about auto focusing.
  11. Blink 182: Enema of the State. Bought several years back, and I still find it hilarious.
  12. GT: Draghun Feel free to hit me up for some R6:Vegas... that is, in about 4-6 weeks when my 360 comes back from warranty
  13. Agreed. If you're not looking for gaming, a Mac might be the right way to go... especially if you like all the associated software.
  14. So they're not quite the same That's probably why it's not working for you, I've only had matched pairs run in dual channel without causing a fuss.
  15. There's nothing wrong with pairing an ATI card with an nVidia chipset. I did that with the Athlon rig in my signature and have experienced no instability, and my benchmarks are in line with similar configurations with matching chipsets.
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