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  1. process of elimination. think of it as darwinism. if someone cannot get themselves out of a burning building by themselves... no my fault. But no one expects a penguin to know how to save itself. So I'd go for the penguin.
  2. Laf, I agree with this living before marraige business. Relationships are already nontraditional as it is, might as well go the extra mile and make it as useful experiement. Keeping up on technology? That sounds like it was a personal decision. Obviously not all, but the elite females game, mod, fold, they get the appeal. It's what you get when you marry outside of the elite circle of females. B)
  3. holding down an 8 hour a day average. (recreational)
  4. mmm... ten cool points for an uncle at Microsoft and discounted games. 'Tis worse fates in life. I'll take it.
  5. Trixie

    Bush Won

    *sigh* my heart morns for another four years. More importantly, for another 4 years foreign countries will continue to think the US is ran by bumbling dolt. (I hear that it is good for PR). >_<
  6. I am well versed in English, French, and Mandarin.. and since it is sooo foreign, female-speak. I can read and understand spanish and japanese, but for the love of all things holy, don't ask me to speak those.
  7. Hardly, girls don't charge. Boys willing reduces their funds for girls. If you offered money to your friends they would take it, if you offered money to a complete stranger they would take it too. Consequently, bc Money is universal and can/will be spent by anyone you give it to. You cannot conclude women are prostitues unless you were to also conclude that anyone who takes your money is a prostitute... ie your hardware supplier, bawls producer, plumber, etc.
  8. Boys are so silly. They forget the fundamentals of math. whereas, friends = activities activities = -money women = friends + benefits therefore, let it be resolved, women > friends in that friends = -money while women = -money + benefits
  9. People were ridiculously rude, and some were dumb, and some were fun to talk to. I talked about planes with this retired vet for a long time. By the end both of us had forgotten why I had called. I had this one guy that when I asked for "jessica" he said that she was out F&*$%^ her boyfriend right now and that I should call back later. When I asked when would be a better time, he said that the F^&*^*# would only take 30-45 minutes and to try back then. Ha!
  10. My resignation is on your desk It happened and you knew it would, The things you'd change if you could, The daily grind got the best of you, The wrongs you made and always knew, It is bittersweet and tragic now, And still you ask yourself just how? Push came to shove, it finally broke, From all the words that you had spoke, But more tragic yet, is I care not, You made this easier that you thought, For I walk away with no tears, And memories of these past few years, I have no hate, no qualms, no spite, Parting you feels just right, I failed you and you failed me, Somethings are just not meant to be, I thank you for the times we shared, And for all that you have cared, We had it good, but that's gone now, Curtains close and take a bow, If this makes you sad, I pity you, Imagine what I've been through, Or what I let you make me feel, That makes this resignation real, So pen in hand, I cross my T's and dot my I's, Not even worth the last goodbyes, Signing on the doted line, Rest assured I'll be just fine, I resign position as your friend, For some cuts you cannot mend, Left open so long it will not heal, Now it's time to close the deal. No need to get up, I know my way out, I resigned today with no doubt, That I am making a mistake, a error in life, Forgetting my worries and my stife. Mmmm... my contribution to the thread.
  11. I used to be a telemarketer, it was a short lived blemish on my recorded, but it's true. We made good money for just sitting around doing our homework and hitting the enter button to inact the dialing every so often. I spent an hour on the phone with this one women who had a memory loss problem, and we had the same conversation like 9 times. And for those people who think it is rude just to hang up when they call, seriously, just do it. Better than wasting our time and getting up our hopes by letting us get through the whole thing and then to be like, "uummm, no." I have some of the best stories of people messing with me.. some super terrible ones too. Ish.
  12. Trixie

    Super Pi

    000h 00m 00s [16K] 000h 00m 00s [32K] 000h 00m 01s [64K] 000h 00m 03s [128K] 000h 00m 08s [256K] 000h 00m 18s [512K] 000h 00m 41s [1M] 000h 01m 34s [2M] 000h 03m 33s [4M] 000h 07m 28s [8M] 000h 16m 14s [16M] 000h 35m 01s [32M] *shrug* acceptable I suppose
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