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  1. I was looking at the Sun site when downloading J2SE and saw that solaris was free. My dad used to work for sun, and had a solaris comp for home. It couldn't do anything, but that was a many years ago. Can some tell me why people need solaris?? for servers?? what about just normal destops?? are they compatable with linux files??
  2. What kinda hardware do i need to connect 2 wirless routers wirelessly? What should I look for in the routers? I read somewhere that I need them to be able to bridge or WDG or something??
  3. I'm looking for a good deal on a 100 ft. cat. 5-6 network cable, getting pretty serious about Halo 2 LAN. PLease contact me!
  4. Did any one else on LIVE get a transaction error when downloanding the Killtacular Maps so that it doesn't actually charge the credit card??
  5. I read @ http://www.dslwebserver.com/ that you can virutally host serveral sites from one server. Does anyone know how to do that with FTP servers?? For example, maybe have one domain attached to one server and another domain to another server behind the same ip address would it require a different port number?? I'm using filezilla to run the server right now.
  6. whew, i found it turns out, slimftpd was working in the background, and i didn't realize. I tried configuring it, but i didn't get it to work. Now, i got filezilla up and running but can't seems to make it a system process. also, is the server supposed to slow down my network so much?? I mean i've got no clients but my web browsing still lags.
  7. Filezilla seems like a push over, ser-u immediately took port 21 when i installed it, but that was after i tried filezilla. Bulletproof is free only for 15 days i think
  8. I'm looking for a reliable, secure, FTP program for windows that's also free. Currently, I'm using Serv-U, but the trial expries soon. I've tried Filezilla, but can't create a server using port 21. Anyone know a way to track down which program is hogging port 21?? Or another application?
  9. yah, ummm, how bout something with a little more security??
  10. chardonnayii

    Ftp Server

    well, it worked with Serv-U... so i've got all the right ports open (21) I even tried turning off the ZoneAlarm firewall *gasp*! got any suggestions for other FTP software?? what about apache? maybe i'm wrong, but is Filezilla server just an admin tool and not really a program to run a server??
  11. can you really raid two drives on different boards??
  12. I beg to differ from all of you who say slackware teaches you stuff about linux. yes, it's a very lean distro, but I've used SuSE for a while and I found out alot about linux just from fuggin around with different WM, terminals, console, differnt GUI and trying (and failing)to update some of the stuff in SuSE. If you really want to stay on the bleeding edge, i'd stay away from SuSE (their server's are sometimes out of date - last time i checked, it was still on Gaim 1.0). Otherwise, its a fantastic distro to begin with.
  13. I thought apache is a web server program (http), not FTP (file transfer) try looking around for an FTP server program (free). I can't seem to find a good one. You will also need to configure your router/modem to forward information from port 21 (FTP) or 80 (http). This depends on your individual router.
  14. chardonnayii

    Ftp Server

    I tried filezilla, but when i tried to put it online, it said it couldn't listen to port 21. THen i used a trial version of Serv-U (30 corporate edition, then free personal edition - max of 2 connected blows w/ personal edition but its free). SErve-U is working alright so far, but it may be a annoying once the trial runs out. Can you help??
  15. I have....[drum roll] Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield and Pinnicale InstantCopy neither have UPC's Rainbow Six is a great game, but i didn't realize it came with my graphics card when i bought it. Noting the age of the game, I'm willing to go pretty low. mind you, there are still plenty of people playing this fine FPS. Pinnacle was another rash decision in CompUSA. You get 100 Free MP3s from emusic (i went to their site and says you get 50 more just for starting your free trial). There is nothing wrong with any of the software and I'm open to most any offer you're responsible for the cost of shipping though
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