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  1. Hi everyone, ive got a problem with networking, when I link 2 or more computers together they cant see each other over a network, I am able to ping the other computers and play games over a network, could it have something to do with diffrent operating programs ? (some of the machines are running windowas me and the others are running windows 98). if anyone could help with this problem id be very greatfull and recently ive heard diffrent things about internet browsers like firefox, does anyone use a diffrent browser to internet explorer? and if there any good or should i stick with the standard? Many thanks Wookie
  2. Hi every1, ive just come into some money and was thinking of buying a new machine, but ive got a problem, i dont know what to go for? should i got for a amd or a pentium? nvidia or ati? raid? any help or suggestions would be greatfull i want a machine that can play the latest games without even breaking a sweat Thansk again Wookie
  3. Hey nice sensor wherd you get that from it looks the buisiness and id have to agree with Byron on that 1, it is really tricky to get the sensors in the right place, but saying that if you do get them right then thats the 1
  4. have you tried testing the powersupply? maybee its blown? try another power supply ans see if you get the same problem
  5. Another thing which would be the better card, the 9800 with 128mb of ram or the 9600 with 256 of ram? thanks Wookie
  6. m sorry if I upset with my last comment so the 9700 is a good card for my set up? how does the 9800 and the 9600 compare with the 9700? and by the way whats a thread hi-jacker? thanks again Wookie
  7. thanks for the hints guys ill stay away from nvidia then, how does the x600 compare with the x800 and would it be worth getting 1 if it were the right price?
  8. Hi everyone, at the moment ive got a NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X card in my p.c., i want to upgrade but as i havent bought a graphics card in a while i dont know what to go for? ive read reveiws about pci express cards and the benfits of both makes of cards, and im still in the dark as what to go for? this is my system spec AMD Athlon XP 2600+ 2.1 GHz NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X Memory 512 MB pc3200 Operating System Microsoft Windows ME Hard Disk Drive 120 gig Cdrw 52x12x52 Ant help would be greatfully accepted Many thanks Wookie
  9. man that clip with the only 1 in the world very funny roflmao
  10. k thanks guys maybee ill go for a radeon see how much i can get 1 for hopefully youll see my pc pic l8r this week
  11. some very interesting stuff here gonna take a while but im sure we will get there, sooner rather than later hopefully
  12. Hi, ive got a amd xp 2600+, (i am unsure of what the core is, sorry) ive never overclocked anything before and i was wondering how high the chip would go and how easy it is to do? Ive also heard horror stories about people melting their cpus to the motherboard, and i was wondering if this was possible(not that id want to try), and does overclocking shorten the life of the chip itself? if someone could help me with these questions i would be most gratefull. mant thanks Wookie
  13. 1stly Wow that was quick my machine s spec: nvidia nforce2 motherboard amd athlon xp 2600+ 512 mb ddr ram (3200) 120 gig hd aopen cd rw 48/12/50 nvidia gforce4 mmx 440 128mb 8x agp
  14. Hi, im a bit new to this so bear with me please ay the moment ive got a nvidia gforce 4 mmx 440 128mb agpx8 card and i was wondering whether or not it was worth upgradeing to something quicker? the main problem i have is which card to choose? there are so many out there and im not sure wherether i will notice a diffrence in my graphical performance. the spec for my machine is amd athlon xp 2600+, 512mg ram (pc3200), 120 gig hd with a cd burner. any help or direction would be most grateful. many thanks Wookie Hear me roar aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhh
  15. HI im new to this and ive just finished modding my 1st (hopefully in a long line) p.c. ive tried my using a dremmel and im getting quite good at it (not to blow my own trumpet). i should have some pics of it on this site soon so hopefully anyone can offer suggestions what i could do to it next by the way this site rocks Thanks Wookie75 Hear me roar aaararrrrgggghhhh!!!
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