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  1. UPDATES** I have finished the front grill. It is done in foam and has been covered in duck tape to prolong the molds life span. More to come... Stay tuned...
  2. Ya, Ima try Hobby Lobby tonight. Hope they know, cuz that is the only Big hobby store we got around here. and I hate to order somethign so mundane online. <_< I have finished it and went ahead and covered it with ducktape for now. It was really fragile, and I din't want to break it. I will probably use an epoxy over the top of it. Oh well, tnite is D-day.. doing the fiberglass work when I get off tongith if all goes well.
  3. I know exactally what you are talking about, bu I also lack the name of the product. Funny thing is that everytime I go into a auto body shop and ask about some styrofoam hardening spray they all say the same thing. "I know what your talking about buddy, but I don't know where you get soem around here... Try walmart." Here are some links to the styrofoam mock up. It has made progress since these pics, and I will try to get new ones taken and up this week. - Top View - Top Angled - Front Bottom Thats the best I can do right now. Like I said, I will get the new pics taken and posted this week.
  4. Ok all, I am currently working on the Knight Rider mod and I had a question. I have created a mock up of the front grill of K.I.T.T. out of foam.. It is layered 1" at a time, and glued together with standard elmers glue. Now I have read several resources that state you need to seal your styrofoam before you start using your solvent on it, but they never say what you are supposed to use. I was looking for anything that I could spray on the foam to seal it or harden it.. I am going to fiberglass over it so it will ned to uphold to that. Any links or info would be greatly appriciated.. Thanks
  5. Thanks man.. I think I am going to use an old marine ign switch.
  6. Hi all.. I have run into a bit of a delima. I am working on a Knight Rider case mod, and I thought that it would be cool to have an actual keyed ignition switch to start the PC. I have read a lot about people being able to pull this off since the ignition switch acts as a momentary switch also, but they don't explain how they wired it up. I am an electrical n00b, I can wire stuff up jsut fine as long as I have schematics or a diagram of how to do it. I was really hoping that someone here at OCC'ers may either have experience with doing this, or have some resources they could point me to for it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks man.. Ya, I have seen people use water base and solvent paints with it, I just didn't want to end up wasting 10 bucks on paint and supplies and only end up junking up the gun. I am going to use it to paint some flames on the the bay covers for my case, and also create stealth drive for my cdrom drives with them. Then I will be applying a UV reactive clearcoat to finish the flames. I have an Antec case with the locking door, and am doing the window mod that I picked up from from, here i believe. On the back of the door (that I am placing the window in I will be place some small UV lamps to illuminate the flames behind the plexi when the door is shut. I think I am going to airbrush it, but I am torn between that or Dying the bay covers since it is plastic..
  8. Nice... I have seen similar procedures.. I think I am going to go with a wire/paper mache frame and use fiberglass. I did some reading here Fiber Glass Tutorial. Really good stuff if your interested.. Really broke it down for me. I think i will have better luck with glass just coz there is no oven required. I will definately have to try that plexi mold process. Thanks
  9. Can you provide anylink on how to work with plexi in that way? I have never made a "vacuum" mold. I wouldn't even know where to start.
  10. Hey guys. I just had a question for all you airbrushers our there. I just aquired a air brush from a friend of mine, and I was going to use it for detail work on cases. The guy who used to use it used it for ceramics primarily. The paint he used was water based paint. Now I can't help but think thaqt would be a bad idea on a case. (course I could be wrong) I was curious if anyone has used a air brush for case work before, and if so, what kind/brand of paint shoudl i use on the plastic as opposed to the metal. I have also heard this "Vinyl Dye" product getting used for plastic, yet everyime I mention it or try to find it as Vinyl Dye I come up with nothing. Is there another name for this product, or where can I find it. Thanks again in advance. OCC'er FORUMS RULE!!
  11. Ok all, I am trying some very original work on a case. I am creating the front panel out of fiberglass. I was going to use styrofoam to shape the panel piece, but I heard that the fiber glass would eat right through the foam. (which makes sense.) I have also heard that there is a type of spray that you can use to harden the foam, but would it make the foam dense enough to withstand fiberglass applications? I have also thought about putting a paper mache, or platic bag over the foam cast, then applying the fiberglass to that. I just haven't used fiberglass on enough project to know the limitations. If anyone has any info or tips, please let me know.. Thanks
  12. I will probably edit this post later this evening with the images of the sketches I have done so far. After consideration, I have decided to tear at this using all of the above mentioned in one way or another. 1. I am going to first use Styrofoam to create a perfect replica, get the size/scale/detail correct. 2. I am going to cast a paper mache mold from the styrofoam mock-up. 3. I will use the paper mache as a mold for the fiberglass. Then I will accomplish the "car" look I am going for. I think I am going to create the wheel wells as more of a mask for the cables, and I think we have decided to put the voice panel on the back piece. I am also going to start working with thin sheet metal, as I think the fenders would look great in metal. **I have the pics of the work done so far on this project. Here is the case I started with on this mod. It is an old school AT case. By the time I am done with a lot of the dismantling of the case. This was a bit of a pain since the case shell was one piece. And my case shell completely dismantled. Then I removed any interior bays by drilling out the rivets. I also had to remove the mobo tray since we are working with an AT case. After: Once this is done, it is time to start shaping the front of the case down at an angle just like the car, so to do this I am going to have to do more cuttin on my case frame. I already reduced the height of the (now) front of the case. The flap of metal that is still there is going to act as a base for the led.. so that is staying for now. Now we start with the fun part. Fabrication of the front grill. Since this is going to be the piece that people rememebr, I want to do a really detailed job on the mold. Here is the sketch I drew from looking at tons of KITT pictures. I am actually layering 1" thick styrofoam to create the grill. Its easier since there are so many sharp angles in the front grill. It allows me to really get a sharp edge on them. I will be applying aluminum foil to this styrofoam mock up once it is complete, then I will be fiberglassing it to the front panel that has been cut. The grill will be permanently attached to the front piece, then riveted on. Next step... Shaping the hood, and wheel wells.
  13. Hey all, I am new here at OC'ers forums, I have been modding PC's for a while, but I have never tackled anything quite as large as what I am attempting now. I am going to be create a custom case for my friend that involves a knight Rider theme. He is a huge fan, and has even wired up LED's in anticipation of the perfect case. I am going with a front clip idea. I am going to lay a AT case on its side, and completely remove our original front panel from the equation. I will be fabricatin a front panel that looks like KITT's front grill. (Firebird) I am going to bend/cut/and re-weld the case to give it that sloped look of the Firebird. I will be postin pics as soon as I get them taken and uploaded. I have yet to see a really unique Knight Rider Theme mod, and I would appreciate any tips, pointers, and ideas that you more experienced modders may have. I have a variety of tools at my disposal, and plan to aquire any that I may need along the way. So far I plan to use a 200 WATT Soldering Gun to re attach the case frame, and a dremel to do the case cutting. I was also planning on using styrofoam to form the front grill, then covering it with a layer of paper mache to smooth it out. (This is still being debated.) I know how to get a good mirror finish with a some rattle can, but I would like any advice on what I could use possibly use to create the grill with that would not show too much texture, or even something I could coat a foam frame with to smooth out the foam cells. I originally thought Bondo may be the answer, but I thin that may be over kill. I will post pics with in the week, of the case I am working with, and the specs of the PC that we are putting inside it as well.
  14. How's it going all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am 24, and I love PC modding. I have done a bit of dremel work, but my passion is fabrication. I am stuck in the "Great" state of KS, so there realyl isn't anything other to do but Mod cases, or play with PC's I am currently working on design ideas for a Knightrider Case, and am very excited about that. I am also very open to any ideas and suggestions, so please feel free to message me any ideas you may have, and I could try to bring it to life. Just wanted to say whats up, and give a small intruduction. Peace
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