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    gaming, tennis, golf. baseball, bkball, football etc. as long as I'm not playing with superstars.
  1. Our cat bit and scratched us, so the vet suggested getting a female cat for him to play with (apparently if they're the same gender they're too competitive). It worked pretty well; he bites and scratches her now, and leaves us alone unless we mess with him. I'm not a big fan of cats either, but having two isn't that much different than one, and if having the second cat means you get bit less, then at least one of the little buggers serves a purpose.
  2. I had a friend who's comp. did those random shutdowns because he had a busted capacitor on his motherboard.
  3. papa_smurf


    Age of Empires 3 will supposively come out sometime around the end of the year.
  4. I agree with what cchalogamer said, but need a server for what you do... It looks to me like the ram you've chosen isn't registered, and most, if not all, dual cpu motherboards will require registered memory. I'm by no means an expert, but here's some reasonably priced stuff that I was considering for my "someday" server build. registered ram
  5. Along the lines of what's been said, the easiest thing I can think of would be to break it down into individual parts, and have each part in a separate cell, then sum them. In cell 1... If(C4*AH37<0, 0, C4*AH37) cell 2... If(C5*AH38<0, 0, C5*AH38) Then you could have another cell that equals cell1+cell2... I don't think there's a way to do it in one cell though; you're only allowed 8 nested if statements per cell, and that would take more than 8 for me.
  6. You should be able to cut and paste this: If(($C$4*AH37+$C$5*AH38+$C$6*AH39+$C$7*AH40+$C$10*AH43+$C$12*AH48+$C$16*AH49)<0, 0, $C$4*AH37+$C$5*AH38+$C$6*AH39+$C$7*AH40+$C$10*AH43+$C$12*AH48+$C$16*AH49)
  7. I like the Coolermaster CMStacker. It's comes with 2 120mm fans, and an 80mm blowhole + fan, and it's got options for additional 120mm's up front and an 80mm in the side. I haven't worked with any other full tower cases, so I couldn't offer an opinion on them.
  8. KB if some woman says that stuff and you're feeling playful (and out of groin kicking range), just try one of these: "just like a woman to say that" "are you PMSing?" "you're never going to land a man with an attitude like that" Just be sure you've got a clear exit in case she charges like an enraged rhino.
  9. Mine said she disliked Valentines day too. Of course what she really meant was she disliked not getting presents.
  10. Those buyouts/mergers make a lot of money for the stockholders who own the company. The employees, on the other hand, get the short end of the stick with layoffs.
  11. It'd be nice if you could update to the newest version of folding and allow users to select a percentage of the cpu utilization; to my knowledge you can't do that in version 4. I'd try to get it on some of the Dells at work, but with 100%, they sound like vacuums with all the fan noise
  12. I got 66.93 to run, so I guess it didn't like my old drivers. Thanks to all who posted with assistance.
  13. I uninstalled 3dmark03 to teach it a lesson I switched to the 66.93 drivers, and they seem to be working better for me so far. I'll re-download 03, and then give it another shot.
  14. I can't get 3dmark 2003 to run; it errors off on me, but 2005 will run just fine. I even backed myself off to stock cpu frequency, and 3-3-3-10 timings on my 2-2-2-5 rated ram, but still no go. The only thing I've done to oc is I used riva tuner to change my 12 pipeline 6800 to 16 pipelines. Since it doesn't artifact in HL2 or Doom3, I"m pretty sure it's ok at it's current settings. My conclusion is that changing a 12 pipeline 6800 card to 16 pipelines will cause 3dmark03 to error off, but I'm wondering if anyone else can verify that, or if I'm missing something. I'd like to get 3dmark03 to run so I can use it to test my gfx card oc, but it refuses to run for me.
  15. If it was me, I wouldn't put more money into an athlon xp system; I'd try to upgrade to 939. If there's no way you could do that, then I'd prefer a 754 board and new processor to an xp one. your video card is still pretty respectable, so I'd probably leave it be for now until prices on the next gen. cards come down more.
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