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  1. For now this are the ones that I'm liking the most: 9HD, MM400, CM Storm HSM and exactamat. The destructor is a little more expensive than the others and I dont know if it really is worth the difference. For the roccat raivo and sota no one as recommended them yet and the reviews are very little.
  2. And for how many months does your mouse feet's last ? I have read that with the destructor they get worn out very quickly.
  3. I need a hard mousepad for my g9x (high dpi) and this are the options that I have in my country: Razer vespula,Razer destructor,Razer exactmat,Steelseries 9hd,Steelseries steelpad SP, SHARKOON 1337,Roccat sota, Roccat raivo,Zowie swift,Zowie G-CM,Corsair MM400, CM Storn HS-M Battle Pad and Revoltec Precision Pro. All of this are hardpads but some may be coated with cloth, I dont want the ones that are coated with cloth, I prefer plastic. These are the only ones available in my country I dont have func pads in here nor rocketfish,ratpadz,etc. All of this mousepads are within the same price range.
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