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  1. Ok we decided. Our new name is... Drum Roll Please... Adrenix Computers. Thanks to adrenilinepcs. I want to thank everyone for helping with this. If any of you need any parts, help, etc... please let me know. In the mean time, adrenilinepcs, if you would email me your address I will send your burner. Thanks a lot guys. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Wycoff Adrenix Computers 919-553-4297 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. I am sorry guys, we have been painting and getting everything ready for the store and trying to make a few bucks to get by until we can open. We have not come up with a name yet. I had to order the signs for our building last week, they will be here in about 1-2 weeks and I have to decide before they come in so they can put the logo on it. On top of already having a hard time deciding the town of Clayton has put another road block on me of only allowing 4 colors (including white) in signage for the whole building. That means between me and my two neighbors we have to share 3 colors. Oh and a blue and a slightly light shade of blue count as two colors. I know this is pretty common for signage but this town has already cost us tons of money and they wont stop adding to the fire. I can't stand these people. But I feel a little better because I think I found away around there stupid 4 color idea. Anyways back to the point... I have gotten your emails, I have just been really busy. My favorite by far is afox computers. But I seem to be the only one in favor of that one. You see my real delima is that yaeh techies can appreciate one type of name but the old farts in town are just shear scared of a place whose name they cannot pronounce. It really sucks. I wish someone could just make up my mind for me. BTW, I really really appreciate all of the suggestions. If anyone is looking for something just email me and I will do my best to hook you up. So if you find something send me model numbers and the best price you can find and I will see if I can do better. Even if I have to sell at cost. The CD Burner is still up for grabs. Thanks again for all the help.
  3. I have posted this question on a couple of boards and these are the two that I like the most. But yet cannot decide. Here they are tell me your thoughts. afoX Computers Adrenix Computers (Cannot come up with any logo ideas. Adrenalinepcs this was yours do you have any ideas?) See the logo for afox Computers tell me what you guys think. Oh yeah, btw, both of these name ideas came from this board. You guys flipin rock. I need to hook all of you guys up with something. I don't know what yet...
  4. We are selling custom computers, parts and sorftware. We will also be doing repairs and other services for the local public and business. Making a name for just that easy, but we also want to soon open our website to sell parts online. So we have to come up with something that will work in that world too. These are great ideas guys, keep them coming.
  5. I am opening a computer store in less than three weeks and I am having the hardest time deciding a name. If someone out there can come up with a name that can be used as a local computer store and as a domain name as a online reseller I will send you a new CD Burner at no cost to you. Here are the requirements. The name should start with an "A". However all suggestions are helpful. The domain name for the name should be available. Please post your requests or email them to me at [email protected]
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