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  1. What's up, OCC? It's been a long while since I've been in these forums. Anyway, I've been looking at getting a new pump for my system for a long time but never could find one to my liking. I found this pump/reservoir combo at frozencpu.com that looks good but I need some feedback. alphacool Just wondering if anyone's seen any good reviews for this product. And, yes, I did google it already but it's made in germany and most of the search results are all in german. If anyone had any insight on this product it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I just bought a diamondback also. I'm experiencing this pain in my knuckles after using the razer mouse. Has anyone ever had this reaction with the diamondback? I just hope I can get used to it or something cuz it's an awesome mouse.
  3. have you tried hitting f8 at bootup and selecting "enable vga mode"? I think that's what the option is called.
  4. don't care how fast you say you ran that ram. There is no way that a 512 meg kit is worth over 2 bills. You can't do anything with 512 these days. It would be like going the gas station and paying for a full tank of gas and only getting a half tank. Especially since Arkadiv got twice as much of the same ram for the same price. And that was probably new. Sounds like a rip off to me.
  5. Hey I just started using opera 8.5 and set up my email and everything on it and now when I start it up I get an M2 error. All the areas to access my email stuff is greyed out, even in the preferences. Anybody know how to fix this.
  6. Hey my Nvidia onboard lan on the MSI Neo2 Platinum started acting wierd. I just disconnected for no reason and after awhile it reconnected but now it's connecting at 10 Mb/s and It should be 100. Anybody know whats goin on? Thanks.
  7. To update this thread: I haven't had the burning smell problem for quite some time now. I don't know what it was but it was freakin me out. I still haven't put the cathodes back in and the smell hasn't returned. Maybe it was one of the inverters or something. Thanks for all the suggestions. Late.
  8. didn't see any option for mouse or keyboard. No, first the mouse goes, then about 5 min later the keyboard goes out. EDIT: well, got it to load to the desktop but still my mouse and keyboard go dead about ten minutes after the desktop loads. I can't figure this out.
  9. My mouse and keyboard go dead in the middle of installing mandrake linux. They are both connected by usb. I get to the point where you choose your hd to format and my mouse and keyboard are unusable. What is going wrong here?
  10. run memtest in dual channel and then run it in single channel. If it returns errors in dual channel and runs fine in single channel, it's the controller.
  11. No I spoke to pdp and they said it should be 2-2-2-5 @ 2.7v and when I run the tests on each individual module I get no errors at all. Only when I run both sticks in dual channel.
  12. Ya... I've already lowered the ht to 4x and I've reset the bios numerous times. Unfortunately I don't have any other ram. Oh, I forgot to mention that I ran memtest for about 30 minutes and it gave me like 6 errors. I suppose i should try running it with each individual stick to find out which one is to blame.
  13. I'm getting constant blue screens. I don't know what else would cause this except my memory. I'm running 2 sticks of 512 pdp/patriot xbl on the neo2. Everything on my system is almost brand new, maybe 6 months old at the most. Everything is at stock settings ever since it started crashing. I just reinstalled windows and it seems to have gotten worse. What the hell is going on here? Any help? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys. I just got a bunch of parts to completely customize my water setup but I have a question about using teflon tape. Is it necessary to use it when the contact is metal on metal? I'm just unsure if I need to use the tape for those points also. Like in this picture here: Do you think I would need tape in a connection like this? Thanks.
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