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  1. Why reformat! i never did that after a new graphic card, regardles if it was from ATi to Nvidia. I just cleaned up the drivers with driver cleaner. anywa enyoy that 6800 man! its a great card, especialy if you fell like unlocking and overclocking
  2. If you stay up to date withe drivers you wount notice a diffirence but if you go from ,say, 66.93 to 77.77 you`r probably gona notice a diffirence, i know i did... going from 66.93`s to 77.77`s i got a 3mhz better core overclock... weird but true ;-) .. i used modded drivers when i had a 9700pro adn they did make a difirenc from the catalysts ... but now that i have this 6800 the forcewares work just fine, and i dont see a difirence from omegas or ngo`s..
  3. i konw what it means... i just wana know whats cheaper couse the vf700 is like 35$ from where i come from.. ...the silencer i dont know... any info on that thermaltake coolers price?
  4. So the silencer seems like a better buy, right? whats cheaper of them two?
  5. So whats better? and if you guys could post your pre silencer or vf700 temps, and after silencer or vf700 temps, that be great ...
  6. allright thanks again... should be bac soon with results... ;-) EDIT: downloaded NiBiTor and under the voltage section i can onlychange from 1.1v, 1.2v( current),1.4V ..and when i use the "extend voltage table" check box i get the 1.5V option.. how`d you get it @ 1.3V? and would it work fine @ 1.4V... or is it overkill?
  7. mkey, thanks... btw.. i should modify the bios with a 0.1V increase ..right? and whats your stock and modified core volts.. doesnt hurt to ask
  8. Winfox should work for gigabyte cards too... or should i use what i got from gigabyte.. i thinks its called " @VGA "... and the proces is relativly harmles... right? :-)... its nwe i dont wana mess it up just yet ;-)
  9. So i wana flash my bios with a higher core volt.. i got this gigabytes utility for flashing bioses ... dont know what its called right now.... it comes bundled with every gigabyte card.. anyway i heard somewhere that i dont have to create a boot disk and do the flashing from dos, but i can do it from windows with that utility... so is that true and, is tht proces as harmless as it seems? also what program should i use to check my current core volt? and how much should i increase the core colt ( 0.1V maybe? ) ?
  10. yeah.. great card... ive seen people with 6800GT`s geting weaker scores then me...
  11. 12108 rig in the sig... only the card was @ 396/900 usualy i get around 11800 with my 6800vanila... and i didnt even flash the biosa vith a volt mod yet... the card has this STOCK cooler : http://img.neoseeker.com/a/gigabyte6800passive/front-1.jpg and i screwd two 80mm vents on each side of the cooler ( its a hetpipe cooler )... ...on 390/890 its load temp is 56
  12. im too far to send ( Croatia... ) but that gives me an idea.. ill get some guys from some Croatian forums to send it to me! yaaay!
  13. dang you guys with your screenshots wihc look totaly awsome! and dang my 56k modem.. and dang the dsl company not coming to conect dsl for two months.... man that game looks awsome... ill never get that demo :-( i think my 6800vanila should run it just fine...
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