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    -Antec 300
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    -HT Omega Striker 7.1 Sound Card
    -Klipsch Satellites + Yamaha HTR-5950 + Klipsch Reference Sub
    -2x1TB/1x250GB WD.SATAs
    -Thermaltake Purepower 600 Watt
  1. I agree with the post above. I even had 2 friends walk around a store and were hearing some computer speakers, I took them over to that Promedia 2.1 setup and they LOVED the sound. Bass was smooth and controlled (Z-5500 sounded boomy). I don't care for "loudness" when it comes to bass, I care about tightness and quality..
  2. Ahh.. the Z5500.. the most over-rated pile of garbage. I remember when these used to sell for $250 on Newegg, now they're selling them close to $400? You guys must have bad ears because the Highs and Lows coming out of these are disgusting. If you're shelling out that much cash for speakers, why not go for a nice 2.1 setup w/ superior sound compared to the Z5500.? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836116046&cm_re=creative_speaker-_-36-116-046-_-Product ..And yes, I agree with the dude above. I'm not a Klipsch fanboy! Honestly!
  3. ON Whey Natural protein: $38 Fish oil pills: $13
  4. Oh crap.. I need to vote again.. I thought it was asking how many case fans.. in that case. I'm running 5. 120mm exhaust 120mm front intake 120mm side panel 1 on CPU 1 on PSU
  5. XP Pro 4 Life =)

  6. Does anyone here know if Virgin Mobile will have coverage in Bangladesh? If not, which carriers will most likely work in that country? Thanks.
  7. Alright guys, I usually come here to vent but yep, Just had a breakup w/ a girl of 2 years, we've been on and off in the last couple of months but she moved on so now I'm in a lot of pain. I'm trying to pick up my balls and keep walking but damn, anyone here who is going/gone through what I am going through, Knows that it's just hard to "get over it". Time heals all, I need some bad a-double-s music to turn my heart black for a moment, just to subdue the pain. What were some of the music that helped you go through the bad times? Any music track recommendations? I listen to all genre so please list away. Thanks guys.
  8. Man, I'm feeling a tad bit stressed too, I broke up w/ a girl on new years day, been w/ her for 2 years. Things were going sour and we decided to split, she definitely turned into one of those party animals, sooner or later, she would cheat (since she's a young chick). Ha, I wish I was there to drink w/ ya (no homo lol)
  9. Same here.. I'm one of those hairless Mexicans lol. I tried growing facial hair but it grows in patches.. and I'm 25 yrs old
  10. All this talk about class is really making me feel old ...I remember joining OCC when I was in college in 04'
  11. XP is still fairly quick. But the reason it's probably slow is because maybe the HDD is againg, the OS install has collected bitrot, and most of all.. since it's a laptop, sometimes dust causes the performance to crawl.
  12. Feeling a bit stressed.. g/f problems, don't know if she feels the same anymore. Bah... I could seriously go for drinks!
  13. +1.. my exact same combo. There's a guide online to turn off Avira's "buy now" pop up.
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