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  1. they should see if the warranty will cover it. btw this my first post in 2 years.
  2. ok i have a problem. when i was playing cs on linux, the computer locked up (it was a recurring problem that i was trying to fix). so i held the power button as usual and it shut off. then i tried to restart and it didn't do anything so i thought it was video since no beeps, i got a new video card and still same problem. what the heck is wrong with this thing.
  3. im trying to boot the Ultimate Boot cd. would that win98 one work for it?
  4. i need to fix a friends computer and its ancient peice of hadrware. I know this because it has a "turbo" button. I need to boot from cd but the BIOS doesnt support that. So i need somehting that lets me boot from cd through the floppy drive.
  5. ok i tried some software but it only works for browsing. please help me out.
  6. he has been doing it for awhile now. not sure how long.
  7. ok guys i play SA:MP (san andreas multiplayer) and i was playing on a good server and got banned because someone said i was haxxing but i wasnt and i want to get back on. would a proxy let me back on?
  8. there is no jesus or god, screw that religon crap.
  9. ok guys im looking for a cover art program to attach cover art to mp3 files. i cant find a good one on google, i guess im not searching right
  10. my dads got a beamer and i love it its an automatic but its got sport shift, so instead of using a cluch you just push the gear shifter over and push it up or down to shift
  11. Trivium - Like light to the flies on my psp with a gig memory stick!
  12. vans like the rowley xl-2's heres the same shoe i wear http://skateboard.about.com/library/graphi...owley-XL2-2.jpg
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