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  1. How about this beauty......anyone? untitled.bmp
  2. EvilWizard

    wazzzzz up!

    Been a long time since I have been here. Probably nobody I know around anymore....
  3. When your carbs are clean they should be readjusted. They were probably set with a slight buid up of varnish or crud and now that you cleaned them completly, they need to be reset to stock. Also might be your floats stuck. When you throttle your bowl doesn't have time to fill and is sucked dry. Also could be it needs more oxygen and less fuel. What is it? I've had many different bikes in the past. Got a beater now though. 1982 Honda XL250R On and Off road. An awesome bike for doing a little of each. SuperTrapp III tail with NO baffles is loud! Love it on the highway. So loud.
  4. www.AfterMarketExtremePc.com and its available. www.AfterBurnerExtremePc.com and its available.
  5. Roadkill you also have 450,000 hits to your name on google! I went through the first 11 pages with no luck. lol! Guess maybe it only works if you have a website in your profile.
  6. Unless your rich and have no care for money then you would spend $500-$600 now and $600-$700 when 64bit technology takes the spotlight. Me, like most will go with spending the $600-$700 now and save the extra money for faster vid cards in the future! Bye-bye 32bit, hello 64bit, next month!
  7. Did you know if you punch your e-mail addy or just the part before your @ part or your member name into Google you will get your OCC account page? I like it cuz I am now getting free search results for my website without the added cost. This rocks. This just means I actually have to finish it though. .!
  8. It sure is dang funny though. It took alot of imagination to come up with all that, pics and all! I tip my hat to you stevexxxx!
  9. Reading this post got me playing around more with my 2500 barton. I have it at a stable 210.5 X 11 @2.315 on air. Boost your fsb. Much better results. Keep up with vcore and and don't forget to monitor your temps.
  10. That looks totally sweet! Wecome to OCC! I am also new but I can tell you this place rocks. Touching the llamas is something the oldschoolers forbid!
  11. Ya thats not fair to do a supposed admin's job Shadowfactor unless you are an admin. Thats like someone saying that AMD is just bad and your avatar should be changed so some person who votes Intel will not get offended. Good thing I am Canadian and could care less about the American politics.
  12. I just added 9 fans to my case and dropped 10C from system temp. On my mobo I have 2 small heatsinks next to my northbridge so I put a little 1"x1" laptop exhast fan on them. Seems to help a bit cuz they get very hot. I also installed on my vga fatory heatsink a P1 round 4000rpm cpu fan. I love fans!
  13. Thank you Sir. That is a very good neutral between the 2. I replaced the fan on my vga heatsink with a P1 cpu fan and installed that driver and was able to crank out another 125mhz from the core to speed my games up to bit. Still gotta get new card. Dang
  14. When you changed screens did you also swap inverter boards? Different companies have different reacting inverter cards. May look same but reacts differently to its original screen. Are they LG screens or different companies?
  15. EvilWizard

    Tkc Server

    I'm down. I downloaded it and installed it on both rigs and my laptop. Server still down but I can still add them up!
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