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  1. hey guys read alot of reviews and what was said in this post but still undecided. now that TRIM is available, which out of these 2 ssd would be best for a gaming rig. or is there another ssd that is just as good and cheaper. Gskill FALCON FM 256GB or the Intel X25 M G160 GB or OCZ Vertex
  2. tha'ts what i was worrying about the heat.
  3. Problem solved. Have a friend that is doing a build who had a i7 920 D0 stepping cpu and he dose not oc so i traded with him.
  4. Hey guys, got a i7 940, the stepping is C0 i think here is whats on the box. S-Spec: SLBCK Batch #: 3838B124 from what i have read around the web this is a C0 stepping cpu and thus dosent oc like the D0 steeping. . wanted to build a rig that will hit 4GHz at least, from what i see these c) stepping cpu dont go that far. I live in the Bahamas so sending it back will cost me. Should i keep it and oc it as far as it will go or pay the money, send it back and get a D0 steeping cpu. thanks
  5. well am doing a dual loop. one for cpu and motherboard and one for tri sli video. using 3/8 ID tubing.
  6. Hey guys, i know these are rebranded Laing pumps, but which one out of these would be the best. the Danger Den/Laing DDC 3.25 or the Swiftech MCP355
  7. really in a week......... think i will wait a bit longer and see. if they do come out in a week i will snag me a 5900. good thing i didnt order yet.
  8. thanks guys for the help. will be ordering 2 5870
  9. ok with that being said who do yall think is the best company to get the 5870 from in terms or support and warranty. was going with sapphire but there are post saying there support sucks.
  10. no problem 00stevo. well what do you guys think of tri fire setup with the 5870 cards.
  11. Hey guys, does anyone know when the 5870x2 cards come out. ready to finish my new build and tired of waiting on nvidia. had nvidia in my last machine but would like to try ati and from what i have read on the 5870 its king of the crop right now but if the 5870x2 will be out soon will wait to get two of them. or do you guys have any other suggestions. thanks
  12. They are about the same in price. i zalman cost $250.00 and the corsair cost $300.00.
  13. Hey guys, i have on order this case (http://zalman.co.kr/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=349) and plan on painting the inside flat black. I like the overall look of this case, but now i have a choice between that case and this case (http://www.corsair.com/products/800d/default.aspx). to me this case look plain from the front but i love how its big and can fit i tri rad setup with ease. Which case would you guys chose, be it because of looks, brand, features or coolness factor. Thanks
  14. yes well i am putting in a water cooling system so i want to show it off.
  15. from what i have read glossy is a no no. shows up imperfections and dust so i will go with either flat or satin.
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