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  1. anyone else here listen to them?theys gots good musics,but there kinda weirdos...
  2. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    ooooh,so i won't get any details on how to do so?
  3. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    how?its not a real virus?
  4. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    yah,like my cousin is being a huge . so i want to send a batch file to him so that it will put stuff like "XXX" and "PORNO"and stuff like that in there so he will think its a virus.and get in trouble by his dad.
  5. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    hey i need help making a batch file i had a friend who made one with notepad but ive been to some websites saying i have to go to command prompt is there any easier way??? thanks
  6. i hate those kinda bikes anyway,they're sissy bikes.id rather have a harley too. btw newport,that song is AWESOME!
  7. i tried to stay up 2 days straight and after i did i couldn't get to bed until about 2 in a half days later
  8. A 1 computer store(or parts) Above average computer parts(or store) Aftermath computer parts(or store) All u need computer parts(or store) Alpha computer store(or parts)
  9. .......i have no idea what u r tlking about...
  10. but i don't have an impulse but i might get 1 down the road
  11. i like all fast food execpt mcdonalds.
  12. lol! hes gonna get pwn3d by a girl! LMAO!
  13. yah,i just take my glasses off when im around people besides my family or cousins or whatever
  14. put a blower inforced with fiber glass i think it was to keep out the density in it.and u will friggin pwn any 1 if u have a full tank of gas,cuz that will eat up gas sooo fast.sum guy who made his own parts for his car in the nhra made a blower like that and it was banned from the nhra cuz it was too powerful. lol!
  15. yah,thats my biggest problem,i went to the doctors,got some benzol peroxide,tretinoin,and 2 diffrent nuetroginas.it helps every once in a while.but id rather have contacts cuz glasses get in the way too much,and have to be cleaned to offen,and don't help my face any from those little pads on your nose get greasy.
  16. XO3_ELITE


    yay!im popular!!! since u play halo,does my avatar look familiar to u? btw im prolly just gonna stick with linux.thanx anyway though
  17. i have a bass,trying to learn sum stuff on it,already know 1 song.but i got no 1 else to play with exept my dad that plays the guitar and my uncle next door that is always drunk plays the drums
  18. hehehehehe,whippersnappers.i love that!
  19. DUDE! i play with thermit too!but u won't need it for paper.all u need for that is fire.and thermit is way to hard to make,espacially getting the magnessium ribbons.then u have to light that with a small hand held propane torch,which he might not be able to use,or might not even have 1 in his house.but yah that stuff does wonders.seems like itll be useful in college
  20. XO3_ELITE


    any 1 here of it??this game is gonna /R0x0rz my b0x0rz!im also a huge alien freak.
  21. 2 tell ya the truth,im always hungry,always!
  22. baking soda+vinegar a fizzling sensation for all to enjoy,despite the tase!just think of it as some type of wine...that fizzles,and tastes like soda water...
  23. post your favorite or 3 favorite resteraunts. Talaqua Paqua(mexican resteraunt in canton OH,dressler road.) applebees red lobster
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