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  1. anyone else here listen to them?theys gots good musics,but there kinda weirdos...
  2. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    ooooh,so i won't get any details on how to do so?
  3. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    how?its not a real virus?
  4. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    yah,like my cousin is being a huge . so i want to send a batch file to him so that it will put stuff like "XXX" and "PORNO"and stuff like that in there so he will think its a virus.and get in trouble by his dad.
  5. XO3_ELITE

    Batch File

    hey i need help making a batch file i had a friend who made one with notepad but ive been to some websites saying i have to go to command prompt is there any easier way??? thanks
  6. i hate those kinda bikes anyway,they're sissy bikes.id rather have a harley too. btw newport,that song is AWESOME!
  7. i tried to stay up 2 days straight and after i did i couldn't get to bed until about 2 in a half days later
  8. A 1 computer store(or parts) Above average computer parts(or store) Aftermath computer parts(or store) All u need computer parts(or store) Alpha computer store(or parts)
  9. .......i have no idea what u r tlking about...
  10. but i don't have an impulse but i might get 1 down the road
  11. i like all fast food execpt mcdonalds.
  12. lol! hes gonna get pwn3d by a girl! LMAO!
  13. yah,i just take my glasses off when im around people besides my family or cousins or whatever
  14. put a blower inforced with fiber glass i think it was to keep out the density in it.and u will friggin pwn any 1 if u have a full tank of gas,cuz that will eat up gas sooo fast.sum guy who made his own parts for his car in the nhra made a blower like that and it was banned from the nhra cuz it was too powerful. lol!
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