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  1. FREEFLATSCREENS.COM BACKGROUND INFORMATION Pics: http://getfreeflatscreens.cjb.net Instructions Below: Skip the read and head on over to:http://www.FreeFlatScreens.com/default.aspx?referer=8149749 Gratis Internet, LLC owns several deals sites. They all work the same way. Gratis gets paid by the advertisers for each person that signs up. I completed several of these offers before with other Gratis websites they've all been legit. There is a huge thread on FW that describes in detail generally the same process, except you receive points based on offers you complete yourself, rather than referrals. If you are diligent and keep up with the site offers, you can do very well for yourself. I was aiming for the iPod over there, but about 3 months ago, after a throng of people joined (due to the FW effect) they decreased the point values on their offers (the same ones that are shown on the freeflatscreens.com page) and increased the purchase values of several items. The points have since gone back up a bit, and the purchase prices come back down, after some of the commotion died down. The advertisers are obviously banking on you not canceling your subscription, and then they make their money on you. Either way they pay Gratis Internet, LLC (owner of these sites), so as long as Gratis stays alive (and they've been around for a while) you'll get your goods. Now keep in mind you're signing up for a trial of a service, so you should at least make good faith effort at trying the service before you cancel. From the folks at Freeipods.com Step by step instructions: 1) Follow this link , when prompted, type in an email and password, and fill in the shipping information. 2) Do NOT click yes to any surveys, they are optional. 3) Now verify your account with FreeFlatScreen by going to: http://www.FreeFlatScreens.com/default.aspx?referer=8149749 and requesting the verification email. They will then issue an email to the one you signed up with that you must click. 4a) Sign up for one of the offers listed. AOL is the quickest and also free so that's the easiest one to do as it only requires one call to cancel your FREE trial. Within 45 days of signup call 1-888-265-8008 to cancel your service and there is no further obligation. 4b) Doing the Ebay offer is the easiet. With an isp email like gmail or AOL, you won't even need a credit card if you want to sign up for Ebay! It's real simple! Register and bid, that's it! (More details below) 5) Refer 8 others to this service, making sure they complete 1 offer (such as AOL or Ebay) 6) After you have done 4 & 5, check your account and once your 8 friends have signed up and completed the offer, you can then redeem your free Flat Screen which will be shipped absolutely free. EBAY OFFER INFO: When you sign up make sure you dont use your main email.. you might get spammed, so it might be better to make another email account. use one of the following FREE email providers that ebay doesn't know its free (you won't have to enter your credit card information for verification): http://www.ikoraiza.com/ http://www.spymac.com http://www.walla.com ***fill them out with all your real info though don't fake or lie about anything. So what are you waiting for?! You have nothing to lose! http://www.FreeFlatScreens.com/default.aspx?referer=8149749 Sign up! Hurry and JOIN, SUPPLIES WILL GET EXHAUSTED