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  1. Silverstone recently released the ft05 but they short changed us. On my search for the ultimate air cooled case I came across the old ft02! The updated version with USB 3.0 is on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Silverstone-Tek-FT02B-USB3-0-Aluminum-Uni-Body/dp/B008J0ZPE4 I can't find any thermal comparisons but nothing seems to beat the ft05. Have I lost it? I'm ready to drop the hammer and buy this baby. I could see using this case for builds to come. Thoughts?
  2. Yes shopping overseas is ridiculous... Stupid rules But its so worth it to have quality lithium! Check out endlesshere like i said. It can be quite the fast to find what you need but so worth it!
  3. Ping batteries very trusted source http://www.pingbattery.com/ Endlessphere forums http://endless-sphere.com/forums/ I'd stay away from lipo like the plauge! Go to endlesssphere and research. Lipo needs lots of research unless you want to catch on fire. Lots of balancing and other crap to deal with. Ping will be good for lower amps. But if you need the amps and have a 2000watt+ http://em3ev.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=35 is the way to go!
  4. Fireonice

    Star Citizen

    Any one else as excited as I am about star citizen?! so far I can't stop drooling over it and its about 2 years out from release. Its the sole force pushing my computer upgrade Thoughts, opinions, feedback, worries, ect. Thanks for moving my post. I did a search guess I should of looked past the second page. Oopps
  5. Thanks for talking some sense into me! The more research I do the more I realize the 500 or so on a custom water cooling setup can fund something else. All of these 200-250$ cases are full of gimmicks... I don't need a basic fan controller I just want extreme cooling without it looking like a damn child's toy!
  6. thank you..Your welcome! I'd imagine 500-1000 and you can have the car running like new! I'd be putting money aside for a new clutch sense I'm guessing you have no idea if it's the original. I would search and search for a decent mechanic! Not the dealership crap. There has to be a decent shop around you for imports. The one in my area only delt with euros and they always wanted to talk about anything I needed help with. within reason. I'd find what synthetic oil/quality filter everyones running on the forums and do a 2-3k change. Clean her out a little. Idk how comfortable you are with pulling the valve cover to check for sludge buildup. Change your gasket too for future maintenance. My e36 has no sludge build up when I pulled mine but the 2-3k change definitely helped. I was so afraid because of the extented 6.9 quart pan BMW had for extended changes.... I'm no expert of course I remember some lady let me pull her valve cover and about flipped when she finally realized what I was doing haha saved my friend from a sludge disaster thou. Guess you could flash a light in the oil filler too.
  7. Sounds like you need a mini forum! Bimmerforums for my e36 was like a gold mine! You should be able to look up the service manual for it. 100k service, I'd service the whole car myself! Goodluck, its a sweet ride
  8. Ultimately I want a custom water cooled system. What is your favorite water cooling ready case and why. Yes cases you have to mod are acceptaple. Phantek enthoo Primo is what im looking at. Huge case, lots of rad support, filters, doesn't look like a damn spaceship!. I know the res and pump mount is worthless... Such a shame everything else is soo good! I can't seem to find a case that beats it.
  9. I think the new Razer switches are Kailh instead of Cherry. Little cheaper to produce than Cherry, but similar feel. The Razer Greens are in effect Blue switches (go figure, right?), so they have that loud click-clack. Still a nice switch, just it'd be nice if Razer dropped the price a hair since the switches aren't as expensive as Cherry. But hey, can't go wrong with a sale like you did. @Coors, how do you like the MX Blacks? Always been curious about how those feel compared to others. That is exactly why I will be staying away from Razer. Love their mice but I want cherry MX switches if I'm paying 150$+... Aren't the blacks just heavier reds? I'll be staying away from linier switchss. I will be trying o rings too still stuck on the browns for some reason. Read some more reviews and comparisons.
  10. Good review! But, I won't be buying it... I miss when saints row was more of a copy of GTA. Now your in hell O_o...
  11. What is your favorite mechanical keyboard and switch type and why? Recommendations? Thoughts? I want one! I'm looking at Deck Hassium pro with MX cherry browns. I will mostly be gaming (fps, star citizen) but I still need to type accurately.
  12. Of course used parts are always an option. I will be overclocking of course. Yes you have the idea except I'm looking at high performance ssd's. I see they are so cheap now!! I'm resisting getting off topic fractal design r5 seems to be my case of choice or one of the new thermalright cubes. I'll make a new thread though. I'm almost up to date on everything. I had some troubles last couple of years...
  13. I love my TRUE. I hope I can relap it and bring it to my new i7 build my c2d is still chugging along. Of course my gigabyte mobo died and my current mobo is on its way out (has been for years thou lol, how's multiple attempts to boot sound? I just never turn her off ) so I went to passive air cooling I figure 1000-1300 should get me what I want for CPU(300$), mobo(200$), ram(?), single ssd(200$), raid 1 storage(100-300$), and case(100-200$). But I should start a new thread for that....
  14. Been a long time. Too long! I see things are the same as usual. Sad to see verran died I learned a lot from his posts. In fact I learned a lot about computers period from occ. Thanks occ for teaching me how to build computers. Its one of my greatest assets knowledge wise My rig is olddd its time for an upgrade. Case, i7, ram, ssd and raid 1 storage. Then will come video card and psu. New monitor and a mechanical keyboard is a must. I'm prepairing to dive head first into star citizen. I'm crazy about what iv seen so far
  15. This is a terrible day in the music industry..... Loved Mikes crazy drum solos and Dream Theater in itself. But hes leaving for Advenge sevefold whattt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Its not like the entertainment industries are going to even benefit from something like this. Most music these days just plain old sucks!! It all sounds very very similar. Defiantly not worth my $$ Keep the horrible laws that are going to make this once great place to live a horrible nightmare where we are afraid to make even the slightest mistake..
  17. Seems like the cooler to get right now but im still loving my TRUE . It works awesome passive
  18. Any clues of what might of happened? By the looks of it there going to try to bring us all over to there platform... hopefully they dont ruin everything. http://titanplatform.com/
  19. Fireonice

    Starcraft II

    DUFFMAN is my b.net name and im down for any type of games but i really like 3v3 ranked
  20. It really comes down to personal preference. Sure you can go buy a monitor with the highest resolution and specs but when it comes down to it is it really worth the extra cash? Going from a 22-24 with the same resolution isnt going to be a huge leap but the bigger screen will be nice. Id look at some 26" screens personally. Im personally in the market for a good cheap 26-28" monitor regardless of specs for some light gaming and heavy pc use. But some people will tell you its worth the cash for the better specs monitor but like i said it comes down to personal preference and how much cash you want to spend.
  21. this is hip hop haha Kinda reminds me of the early 90's and late 80's hiphop the real hiphop before it turned bad
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs72vl4h_pU&feature=popt00us08 Now thats real hiphop
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