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  1. \thanks guys, i already managed, yeah i didnt want to lose pwm since i want the both fans at same speed, so i got a splitter. My order was made: Asrock z77 extreme4 i5 3570k g.skill 2x4gb 1600 cl9 1tb hdd ( i need one because the current pc i have will go to my lil bro, so didnt have 2 hhd's) LG 24 monitor a side case fan antec formula 7 paste evo 212 + 2nd same fan Thats all i think,in 2 weeks i will get a 7970 video card, then my pc would be like a beast. Still, i never asembled a pc myself, so may need some help, like how to put thermal paste,how to configure bios at the beginning and ofc how to oc cpu and maybe ram? Some guides if you have, i would apreciate it. thanks
  2. No its the hyper 212 evo, and has only 1 fan. I will get 2nd same fan to make a push pull configuration.
  3. To be honest i did not check that out. On asrock extreme 4 it's said that there're 2 2 x CPU Fan connectors (1 x 4-pin, 1 x 3-pin) 3 x Chassis Fan connectors (1 x 4-pin, 2 x 3-pin) 1 x Power Fan connector (3-pin Howether the hyper 212 evo requires 4pin,and with another fan that will be 2x4pin connectors.
  4. ok man thanks again.... Here's another q, since ill get push-pull on my evo 212, will this work to connect both cpu fans to the mobo? http://www.bow.it/shop/GELID/id.30E26E Or this http://www.bpm-power.com/it/product/1111799/adattatore_d_alimentazione_ak-cb002_-_30_cm_ak-cb002.html but i dont like its colors, lol
  5. Thanks for reply IVITH0S. I just found this set of ram : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231538 - 68 euros Do you think i should buy it? or i can just go for http://www.bpm-power.com/it/product/1105879/ram_dimm_ddr3_g_skill_8gb_pc_1600_cl11_kit_2x4gb_8gnt_f3-1600c11d-8gnt.html - 55 euros Or this one :http://www.bpm-power.com/it/product/13465/ram_dimm_ddr3_g_skill_8gb_pc1333_cl9_kit_2x4gb_f3-10666cl9d-8gbrl.html - 59 euros http://www.bpm-power.com/it/product/976586/ram_dimm_ddr3_g_skill_8gb_pc_1600_cl9_kit_2x4gb_8gao_ares_lowp_f3-1600c9d-8gao.html - 59 euros http://www.bpm-power.com/it/product/20721/ram_dimm_ddr3_g_skill_8gb_pc1600_cl9_kit_2x4gb_8gbxl_f3-12800cl9d-8gbxl.html and again 59 euros. The difference is that 1st is CL8, 1800mhz Others are CL9 1600 mhz.
  6. That guy is me,think i posted that in the wrong thread....Ivithos,the difference of price btw CL7 and CL9 is about 30-40 euros around here, so probably i will stick with CL9. About the motherboard,i'm going to get the asrock,will change the mind only if some 1 says that it is a really bad mobo+ evidence....
  7. Some ppl told me that the lowest is CL the better is ram. Same goes for the volts.Think ill take a CL7,1.35V 2x4GB 1600mhz ram.
  8. You may be right, i could play crysis 3 at high settings with my 6870,so should be ok for some months ahead. Ill give a try to asrock,lets see what happens. Really big difference betwen 1300mhz and 1600mhz? talking about ram.
  9. After some days of search i arrived to: Asrock z77 extreme 4 or Asus P8Z77-V LK - some people say asrock is better for ocing, others that asus is more quality built, cant decide yet. Cpu already decided to get the 3570k, wanted the 4670k but i think its not worth. And the ram, probably some 1600 mhx 2x4GB,will look for it later. Also i decided to get a new monitor and GPU, might need help with this.
  10. In time i decided to go with an i5 3570k, so looked for 1155 socket mobos. This is what i came to AsRock Z77 Extreme4 Asus P8Z77-V LK Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77X-UD3H I mostly decided to go with the asrock one,its confusing because they are mostly at the same level, a lot of people prefer these 3 mobos, so i just picked one of them,also they are at the same price.
  11. Hey guys, already made a topic on system builds ( hope its ok if i made this one too - more related to what i exactly need ) I have an corsair GS600 PSU,and an Sapphire 6870 1GB Gdrr5 Graphic card. Roght now i have 2x2 GB 1333mhz, GA-H61M-D2H-USB3 ( rev 1.0 ) motherboard, and an i3 2100 cpu,i mostly play games, some time playing with graphics, and my monitor is 1440x900. I want to upgrade the motherboard ,ram and cpu.+ good cooling system for the cpu since ill oc it. I think im going to buy an i5 3570k or i5 4670k,but im not sure which one. Please help me choose the right CPU followed by motherboard and RAM. 2x4GB 1600mhz. If you can make me some boundles examples, it will be great, prices may varry here ( Europe area). PS: i dont want to spend more then 120 euros for the motherboard,same goes with cooler and ram.lowest price possible but at good performance.
  12. Update, found i5 3570k and i5 4670k on amazon.uk for a not bad price, 210 euros for 3570k and 225 for 4670k. Which one should i get guys? i am really confused also i5 2500k and 2550k are almost at the same price as 4670k... And if i am right, the 4670k reques a special mobo ? Please help me asap :|
  13. Thanks for advice, yes i will go for 2x4GB, howether 1333Mhz or 1666Mhz depends on the motherboard if i am right? And about i5 cpus, i am not fammiliar with them at all, some have 3.4 others 3.5 base ghz, some 6 mb cache others 8mb ( dont even know what this is ) Thats why i need your help guys, first with the mobo, then with cpu and ram. And, white boy, what is that : and a nice Thermal Compound like Acer with the Diamonds in it. ??
  14. Ok, thanks man, hope you find something good.
  15. I dont mind if he asked, i live in italy, and yes, prices here are really high....its better for me if i buy from amazon uk, its cheaper for me then buying from any other italian source.
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