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  1. ok, eVGA has 3 versions of the 7800GT. I need someone to tell me the facts here. Take this situation for me to help guide you through my problem: You have a 7800GT (256-P2-N515-AX) and a 7800GT CO(256-P2-N517-AX). **this is not a SLI question/problem** If you were to replace the heatsink on each of them with a Zalman VF700 (which I will be doing), and you ran each cards speeds. Will they be the same speeds? Im essentially asking "If I buy a CO, or CO SE, am I paying extra only for a better heatsink? (which i will be removing) or am I paying for advanced OCing capabilities/goodies etc.?"
  2. only thing i dont like about the mushkins is that theyre like $75 more, plus Ive been told that they need active cooling to OC without frying everything and thats gonna be another $50 at least? thats $125 over my already bulging budget. i started w/ a $1k comp to build, right now its pushing 1600....
  3. well the word is that the new chips and M2 sockets will hit the market around April so the other chips may slightly drop until then, but then once the M2 hit the market, prices for the socket 939 chips will fall quite a bit
  4. I think ill be going with 2x1gig sticks of OCZ PC4000 Gold XTC sound good?
  5. nice, but thats only 1 gig. im graduated, lookin for 2 gigs (2x1gig)
  6. of course these questions floataround alot, but other ppl i have seen with similar problems have minor differences that make me uneasy with my decisions. heres my situation: Opteron 165 Dual Core proc DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-DR mobo lookin for the best kind of RAM in 2GB possible. I will be OCing, although right now i know little about OCing. ill be learning soon after I get my build down. Ive heard talk about TCCD and BH-5. and Im guessing BH-5 will be better for OCing correct? Im lookin at spendin around $250 for this, hopefully less permitting what you guys advise. I was lookin at OCZ Plat memory w/ 2-3-2-5 timings, but from the looks of these forums here, thats not what im gonna want. lemme know guys thanks
  7. so ive searched, but theres way too many to choose from so i need expert help. im gonna be workin on my first PC. its gonna be a AMD dual core pc that i can use for good gaming, and of course, multitasking and i also want to be able to do a little OCing. I know that OCZ, Corsair, Mushkin, and a few others are awesome brands. but seriously, whats the best for me? Im lookin at spendin around $150 on it, possibly cheaper, maybe slightly more if necessary. im lookin for 1 GB (2x 512) of memory and from what I know, CL=2 is the best, better timings, and 2.8v (for OCing) is ideal. Im gonna be usin a MSI K8N Neo4/SLI board so the top ram i can get is DDR 400 i believe and im gonna be usin a 550w antec truepower 2 PSU hopefully thats enough information for you, if you need more info, just ask thanks for any valuable input
  8. well it depends on if youre lookin for your PC to be upgradable or not basically. the SLI and Dual cores open you up for a good array of upgrades. Dual cores are the future, AMD is not going to make any more single core chips, and im sure intel will be heading the same way as well. everything will be dual core, then eventually quad-core and up. SLI, although if you dont want to burn all your cash on a top of the line vidoe card, you can settle with a pretty decent one, such as a 6800GT (or 6800GS) or a 7800GT. Then later, instead of buying a totally new card, you can buy another one of the same card, and get quite possibly the same performance out of the SLI than you can a better card in the future. Also realize, that the card you buy now, is only gonna reduce in price. So if you buy a 7800GT now for $300, then 6-12 months from now you decide to upgrade, by then, its gonna be in the $150-200. Thus saying, that you will buy a 7800GT now, and one later for SLI for a total of $500, instead of, buying a 7800GT now for $300, and a 7899GTX++++ in a year for another $400, for a total of $700. Which then of course you may want a new mobo, which are all gonna have to be dualcore, b/c thats all thats gonna be marketed...oh wait, youre gonna have to buy a whole new PC >.< Get the gest? i think the extra $88 is justified for spending here, where it may save you $xxx later
  9. ok I understand that but since this will be my first build, would it be wise to follw through w/ a DFI? I know ive heard that they have alot of tweaking that goes along with setting up a DFI. Would you reccommend a 'newbie' to build a DFI? I research quite a bit before I dive into things, so of course, I would figure out what I was doing before I just threw everything together and throw $1000 out the window
  10. I agree, I think I may go w/ 2x512s for performance. The only benefit for 1x stick of 1gb is upgradability in the future. But Id rather fork out the money for that later and go for the performance now what about news w/ the mobos? havent got too much talk on that on my other forums either MSI, DFI or ASUS?
  11. Ok this is my first PC build, I'm trying to make the best PC possible, the most reasonable way possible. I want it to play awesome games, but also to do other apps. Its not purely a gaming comp, but I'd like it to suffice for decent gaming needs. Here's what I'm planning on building so far. I just want some experienced critiques. MSI K8N Neo4 Plat/SLI AMD 64 3800+x2 Maxtor DiamondMax 10 1gb OCZ Gold PC3200 2-2-2-5 Antec Neopower 480w PSU nVidia GeForce 6800GT All this w/ a case and Windows XP Pro right now is right at 1300 off of newegg including shipping. My basic concerns are: - is the Neo4 board awesome enough to use? how does it compare to the A8N-SLI or the DFI board? - should I get 2 sticks of 512 or 1 stick of 1gb ram, theyre basicall the same price. Which one is actually quicker? - should I get a 6800GT or double up with 2x of a lower model for the same price? Thanks!
  12. This is fake, I've seen it circulating around humor websites and websites that analyze email messages...you know all the BS that always gets forwarded from everybody and their mother? but the actual basis of having TBs are not fake. My father was a general contractor that built a National Semiconductor microchip plant in Dallas about 8 years ago. He told me about the security databanks that they used to record the 2500-or-so 24/7 hour security cameras. They had something like 5 TB of hard drive space or some godly amount of space to store each square inch of the plant on a non-stop film for a full month. It's not a publically released technology, it may be in 5-8 years, but its taken almost 10 for us to get to 1/2 TB (500GB) hard drives. Its all exponential though. They cost millions of dollars to setup and upkeep with proper cooling and filtering. It will be out in the public eventually, but dont cream your pants too soon
  13. i say i start some big huge Fortune 500 corp, rake in a shitload of money like bill gates did, and buy all of them
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