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  1. Thanks OCC staff for running this! And congrats to everyone.
  2. Just wait for the GTX 600/700 series to come out imo.
  3. Keeping getting this: [23:23:08] + News From [email protected]: Welcome to [email protected] [23:23:08] Loaded queue successfully. [23:23:08] - Couldn't send HTTP request to server [23:23:08] (Got status 503) [23:23:08] + Could not connect to Work Server [23:23:08] - Attempt #7 to get work failed, and no other work to do. Waiting before retry. Is this normal?
  4. dont forget to get the retention bracket.
  5. Was at the front door today. The super talent 8gb usb drives. and just to convey how small it is: Thanks OCC!!
  6. Hey guys, I am using gtx 260. I was wondering Purevideo is automatically activated for the card or do I have to specifically go set it? I am using driver version: 181.22
  7. takes forever to find a game hopefully it gets better when the retail version is released.
  8. Hello. Anyone know if the super talent usb drives' been shipped out? Thanks.
  9. in ur bios settings, in the pc health section should be an option to let the bios control the speed of the fan.
  10. Hrm, apparently the version of everest I was using had the wrong TJmax (105). I'm now using Realtemp (100) and getting much better results
  11. Ok finally installed the heat sink with the retention bracket. It is definately alot tighter. Max temperature reached when running prime 95 (CPU 100% load, oc to 3.4 ghz) is 61 degrees celcius still arg... maybe its my antec 900 case...
  12. The Pata drive was from a winxp system before connecting it to my vista machine. I fixed the problem by reformating that drive.
  13. agreed. save urself some money on the soundcard and get a good headset
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