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  1. sorry were i looked it was 60, how bout 35 for the drive then
  2. $60 for the drive and i meant like mouse and monitor i havent added yet
  3. no thanks, i may use the money to get a pm6 i also need a few more things but not what your offering thanks again
  4. Hey im Selling my computer to get back into paintball, it was custom built and runs great, only the motherboard drivers will be included MSI K8N Neo2 Motherboard AMD 64 3200+ whincester core XP-120 cooler 1gb PNY PC3200 Geforce 6600 256mb AGP 8X WD 60gb HDD WD 80gb HDD DVD-CD/rw drive theres more, but im at home right now and my rig is at school, ill update it with more detail tonight and post pictures as well its a great rig for gamming and has a great window mod i did myself with sound reactive uv lights please make some offers
  5. i fixed it, for some reason my cd-rw/dvd drive woudlnt read the disc to load it so therefore i tried it in another drive and it worked
  6. can anyone help me, before bf2 goes full screen the game freezes and freezes my computer, and i meet all the requirements
  7. well i dontk now how to disable the page file or even what it is so i dont think i have, and i tried different ram and still hangs up... im going to try and re install the games and see if they work then
  8. well i ran memtest for a half hour with no errors
  9. but im not overclocked so im stumped...
  10. ummmm have i been doing something wrong ... i got a 7504..... on my 6200
  11. ive never ran that before, but i think im running it correctly
  12. Well i have this problem, where when i try to load a game it freeses my computer. I'll put in the disc and click play game now, and itll start loading the game like just cut to a screen of the title and then start to load a ways then freese by this time my whole computer freeses and i have to restart the computer. this has happend with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 and just now with Battlefield 2 im assuming it could possibly be a video problem, but i have the latest drivers and a new Geforce 6200 256mb agp8x card. any ideas as to what the matter is.?
  13. thank you very much cs:s is working so im assuming so will hl2 thank you for your help very very much my bro will be happy
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