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  1. Many of them have multiple languages, let me know the ones that interest you and I will check for you
  2. I'd like to sell the whole lot together for $490 if anyone is interested. Otherwise: $7 shipped for individual ones with discounts on multiple purchases $10 shipped for a TV series or $39 for all of the TV series shipped $25 for each box set All of these are widescreen and are in PRISTINE condition: Heat/AIM: LeBronville http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f189/lebronville/?action=view
  3. know what version it is?
  4. BUY ALL OF THE 14 REMAINING SWORDS + Daggers and the Gargoyle Septor FOR $235 shipped (SAVE $200!) I have quite a few swords I am selling... (Hefty Discounts on multiple purchases) (I will also trade some swords for an ipod nano or regular ipod) 1) Kit Rae Dagger - $55 shipped, obo 2) Gold Oriental Sword w/ Display Stand - $36 shipped obo 3) 4 Foot Dragon Sword w/ 2 Sais and Wall Mount - $45 shipped obo 4) Dragon Headed Australlian Crystal Sword w/ real 24kt Gold - $89 shipped OBO 5) Australlian Crystal & real 24kt Gold Sword w/ Green handle or Blue handle - $29 each shipped or $49 shipped for both of them 6) Australlian Crystal Dragon w/ real 24kt Gold - $25 shipped OBO 7) Bruce Lee Limited Edition Knife - $19 shipped OBO 8-12) Everything in these pictures - $45 shipped for everything (except nunchucks, they have been sold) or $15 shipped for each sword/dagger and $10 shipped for the gargoyle crystal septor 12-13) 2 more 4 foot Swords - $39 shipped each or $65 shipped for both, OBO ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Movado Men's Silver Watch (Needs a new battery) - $35 shipped OBO ROUTER Linksys Router BEFSR41 ver. 2 - $19 shipped OBO REMOTE CAR STARTER Brand New Bulldog Security Remote Car Starter (Bought it and never even opened it) - $29 shipped Heat/AIM: LeBronville
  5. Ya, the ending could have been better. The show is great, until the final second of the final episode.
  6. I had the same problem. Do you have central air?
  7. I have this cam... I recommend it to anyone.
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