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  1. Hey Shaolin!!!!! Nice rig you've got there man!!! Congrats. PD: I'm too busy right know with work & University. Glad to see you're OK
  2. Gauchito

    To Spread or not to Spread

    I've done both ways, really not any difference for me.
  3. Gauchito

    OCZ Perfomance PC3200 Rev3 Chip type?

    You're right disturbed6dws, but he's talking about the Performance Series and not the Platinum Series you are mentioning.
  4. Gauchito

    OCZ Perfomance PC3200 Rev3 Chip type?

    I think they are Infineon IC's. My 512 stick will go up to 245 2.5-3-3-7. Hope this helps. Matias.
  5. Gauchito

    OCZ 3200Platinuem rev 2 2x512MB

    I used this settings You can check the link at my sig too.
  6. Gauchito

    Homebuilt Acrylic Case Project

    very nice and clean case Congrats.
  7. Gauchito

    The UNOFFICIAL Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday ExtraPickles!!!!!!
  8. Gauchito

    Geil One Bh-5

    Have you applied the burning-in method oliveryochest? It would be very nice to reduce voltage for my clocks. Please, can you post all your timmings? because i can run 3.2v at 250 according to memtest but could not finish spi32mb. Do you think this is due to timmings? Thanks in advance Matias
  9. Gauchito

    Geil One Bh-5

    I'm getting 250 1:1 @3.5v 2-2-2-5. Can't feed them more volts because the rail of my PSU goes up to 3.73v according to bios (don't have a DMM)
  10. Gauchito

    geil one

    What I can tell you right now is that TCCD at 310 is a little faster than BH-5 at 250. (In Sintetic Benchmarks). I don't like running 3.5v on my mem 24/7 for BH-5 at 250. I rather use 2.7v for TCCD at 310. TCCD BH-5
  11. Gauchito

    geil one

    Don't worry tytlyf, these are the not the sticks from my sig, they are the Geil One W kit I'm testing on my rig.
  12. Gauchito

    Pick my memory...24hr decision

    I have both 2x512 OCZ platinum Ed.Rev2 (TCCD) & 2x512 Geil One W (BH-5) and they are 2 types of different IC's. The Geil modules will need (in my case +3.5v to reach +250FSB), so It's going to be very hard, or better, just impossible to hit 300 1:1, but they will run 2-2-2-5 timmings up to 250 (even 1.5-2-2-5). On the Other hand, my OCZ modules went up to 330x8 1:1 (2.5-4-3-7)@2.7v or 310x9 1:1 (2.5-4-3-8)@2.7v or 300x9 1:1 (2.5-3-3-6)@2.6v You have to decide wether you want Tight timmings + high DRAM voltage + lower FSB or Loose Timmings + low DRAM voltage + Higher FSB. If you are going to OC and you have a CPU with high multi's (11 and up) I'd go with BH-5 type of memory, but If you have low multi's on your CPU I would grab some TCCD memory. EDIT: Sorry, I thought you were talking about Geil One W not Geil One S. I'll get Geil or OCZ if I were you.
  13. Gauchito

    geil one

    Well, I just managed to get them at PC4000, but using 3.5v 2-2-2-5 timmings. The strange thing is that i can't get then to work at 245 using dividers. I can't get 260 either, was a no go using 3.6v. I can't feed them more volts, cause the rail on my PSU won't go over 3.76v according to bios.
  14. Gauchito

    geil one

    I'm right now testing again from scratch. Using [email protected] 200-E-1.5-2-5-2-7-14-2-2-1-2-3120-1-E-A-0-A-A-A-Fast-A-16-D-16-7-D Will post updates.