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    money coz with that i can buy anything,yes even U stupid<br /><br />^^That's what I thought a couple of years ago. Nowadays my interests are, not necesarily in that order: Money, Computers, Computer Programming, Gaming and last but certainly not least women)

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  1. Said problem hasn't occured since putting the stock hs back i'll just have to wait and see. (i'm still hoping that it was some short causing the problem) As per the Zalman I did tighten the screws all the way mighty stupid of me I know but i thought that a tighter fit would result in better cooling. And thanks for the pic jammin
  2. I stripped the zalman off and installed the stock hs. I took a couple of pics of the gpu and i really don't like what i saw. Could someone who REALLY knows his/her way around video cards take a look at the attached picture and tell me its not what I think it is: heat damage. Please? PLEASEEEEEEE (i'm uploading the pic via the forum in built upload feature, if this doesn't work tell me and i'll use imagedump instead) In the meantime i'll be running ati tools to scan for artifacts.
  3. It must be either my luck or something I do but ever since i've built my first computer i've had video card problems. It would be nice to have other hardware problems for a change but alasm it is not so. The latest adition to my rig is no exception exception to this rule. My brand new Sapphire x1650 (600 mhz core, 1400 mhz ddr3) runs games pretty well except that it has a nasty habit of randomly corupting my screen with artifacts. And I don't mean a couple of artifacts I mean a screen full of artifacts. So far this has happened to me about 10 times in 20 or so hours of gaming with the last 5 incidents happening in a space of less than one hour. I'll keep my camera close so I can take a picture of the screen when this happens again. Also I cannot read the GPU temperature: the sensor reads 0 centigrade permanently. Now my question is: what is causing this problem? 1. Driver problems. Thought of that but switching to omega drivers didn't help. 2. Bad video card. Please let it not be so!!! 3. Video card overheating. I have a zalman vf 900 and therlmaltake copper ramsinks installed so this seems unlikely unless: 4. When i installed the cooler I noticed that some of the fins were very, very close to one of those cilinders on the board (tranzistors, capacitors whatever). This worried me to some extent but since my video card didn't short out instantly I figured it was ok. Could this be the cause of my problems?
  4. You're quite right unforgivin, so say people around other forums (i don't mean to offend occ but i had to ask around). Sinking all that money in my rig is useless, is should upgrade as soon as possible. Better start saving those pennies...Yet until my rig is replaced i still need something to keep me going or a couple of more months. Furthermore, since it's x-mas i've been thinking of getting my little brother a little something like a new video card. Here are my brother's specs: AMD Sepron 2600+ overclocked to 2+Ghz (he got an thermalright XP-92 as an present from me a couple of years ago) el cheapo motherboard 512 Mb ram Asus 128 MB Fx5700 I'm thinking of getting two x1650's at 120$ each http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814161033 But if you guys were able to find two x850 pro or x800 gto's that fit in the 130$ price range i'll go for those. I have to make a decision today. It's either pick a card now or wait for six more months
  5. quite unfortunate, i need to make a decision asap. does anyone know when the x1950 will become available? sapphire says 21/12/2006 but when will newegg start selling the board?
  6. A couple of months ago I popped out on this forum asking which of the following agp cards yould be best: x1600, x1650 Pro PL, 7600 GS or x800gto. At the time these were my only upgrade options. I was set on getting the x1650 but had to put a hold on my plans due to financial problems (actually some stupid bank clerck mispelled my name and address and I couldn't my scholarship for 2 months). Anyway now I can afford the following video cards and, with money in hand, shall purchase one of these by Cristmas: BFG 7800 GS, a proven design that is sure to offer a great gaming experience. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814143046 - 205$ Sapphire x1950 Pro. This shows great promise but it is still to be proven in combat (gaming). The software bundle is tempting, so are all those cables and accesories. http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ductCode=326860 -250$ The x1950 will only be available from 21/12/2006 and costs 45$ more than the 7800GS so i'm having a hard time picking one card over the other. The two cards are seem closely matched after all that a 25% price difference isn't justified (ati x1950 256 MB PCI vs 7800GS 512 MB using tomshardware interactive VGA charts). Yet, for all that, i've been dying to try ATI for a while and unless you guys say otherwise i'll prolly get the x1950.
  7. Unfortunately it doesn't seem I'll be able to get the 7600GT. dang. My rig needs a new PSU (I had to remove all my PCI cards in order for it to boot properly) dang!! I'll have to narrow down my video card list to just 3. All the following cards have 256 MB GDDRAM and are similarely priced: Leadtek, Gainward or Asus 7600 GS 128 bit Edit: Asus N7600GS-HTD-256M http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814121020 (this kinda sucks now that I think of it) Leadtek WinFast A7600 GS TDH 400 Mhz Gpu, 700 Mhz GDDR2 but comes with decent cooling and a very tempting game bundle. Same price as x1650 Pro Platinum Gainward VGWA76GS BLISS 7600GS AGP 256 DT, GF7600GS AGP, 256 MB GDDR2 2.8ns, 800 MHz, 128bit, DVI costs 10$ less than the Leadtek but has no bundle and the cooler looks kinda underpowered HIS x1650 Pro Platinum 128 bit 600 Mhz Gpu, 800 Mhz GDDR2 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814121020 The fan looks uber cool but I am kinda worried by al those install problems. Daytona x800 Gto 256 bit, GDDR3 - all other specs unknown. I dunno about the x800 Gto but I think the x1650 will blow the 7600 GS out of the water 9not to mention the mithical ATI superior picture quality). Please advise. Out of these the Daytona 800 Gto is the most expensive with the Asus 7600 GS being the cheapest but by only ~20$.
  8. Trust me it's there. Do a windows reinstall if you don't believe me. The message is shown when the actual instalation begins.
  9. I'm building a forms application that in addition to handling user input events needs to process specific information from forms controls. Atm i'm trying to find a way of getting numerical data (int) from a textbox control, performing some operations on it and then displaying the results in another textbox. The problem is that I don't know how to retrieve the data from the first control. Also I would like to limit the data tipe to numbers and have whatever input function I use return integer values not text (ex value 222 not "222"). I've looked in MSDN but none of teh examples i've been able to find covers this most basic of operations. oops i'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0 with c#.
  10. The prices listed above in $ do not have VAT included, so given teh euro/usd exchange rate they are closer to euro than usd. The 7600GT's cost ~190 euro.
  11. My AGP card will mostly see action in M2TW (Medieval 2 Total War) so any graphics card that is able to run th game on high would do. The x850 looks like a good upgrade, even more so due to the flashing option but given that i'm still unable to locate an x850 is think i'll go with either the 7600GS or 7600GT.
  12. Ah german only site, I could get around to look at some components but there's no way in hell i'll be able to order from that site. thanks anyway
  13. The first thing I ever noticed about Windows Vista is that Microsoft removed the "it is normal for your screen to go blank and for your computer to restart itself several times" message from the install screen. This particular message has been with us Windows users ever since, the beginning of Windows. Now it's gone. So sad. What's more I can no longer claim my quote to be accurate so should I remove it?
  14. I would apreciate that kingdingeling, check my profile for the information your quest requires.
  15. As an avid TW gamer I must say that the best way around this particular problem is to not use flaming arows at all. Flaming arrows are woefully ineficient against all but the lightest infantry, they somewhat efective in scaring elefants and chariots (in RTR and SPQR) but should be used in this role only when more specialised toops (aka skirmishers) are unavailable. Sorry for being OT but i was scanning this thread in order to help decide on my "new" AGP graphics card and I couldn't help myself. Lucky for you no-one said the "B" word or this post would never end.
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