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    Xbox Hard Drive Mod

    BionicSniper y u sugest getting an xecuter chip ?? wat's the diff b2een all the other and this chip and i really don't have know how 2 solder cauz they have solderless chip. give me some more bakground on how 2 pick mod chip.
  2. hi, i'm getting a Xbox pretty soon and i have heard of people modding to make their hard drive bigger from the punie 8 gig, now i need to know is there a special type of hard drives for this process. i have searched on google and looked at pictures of what the xbox is inside and too me it is a simple PC(simpler that the PC that I built). so i don't think replacing a Xbox hard drive should be that hard. but i want to know ne special step, precautions, and how to install the Xbox operating system back on the new Xbox. if there is a link that would b nice. THANX
  3. vz2487

    Antivirus And Me..

    try trend micro, i have heard lot of good things bout it
  4. I have norton system works pro right now w/i windows firewall so i heard that windows firewall is CRAP, so 1st off i need some idea 4 a firewall i use 2 use zone alarm pro on my win ME but since xp already came w/i one i didn't bother. 2nd of all how are the trend micro security/anti virus softwares, i do have norton system works 2005 but it don't work 4 me (don't install correctly). is it time 2 dump symentec and get trend micro?? if do do that then does trend micro has a software package where it has programs that r in norton system works??
  5. Check this out u can turn a ati X800 pro into a 800 xt platinum, i didn't try it my self because i don't have an ati card give me a feed back on it plez
  6. i need some help w/i a thing i have to do. i gotta design this logo for a july 4th celebration. the theme is "200 years bursting with pride" i need something that represents pride except fireworks. PLEZ HELP if u have any pics/drawings your self please pm me.
  7. vz2487

    Ftp Server

    can ne1 help me w/i setting up a FTP server i already have no-ip.com domain name, what software do i use, and how 2 do the basic stuffs
  8. I just got a texas instrument 89 titanium, i previously used TI 83 plus, apprently the guide book give w/i the calculator do not explain much. can ne1 send me a link where i there is a forum or some kind of help, i can't even turn fraction into decimals in this calculator. i have heard that the titanium can do so many physics stuff so it can b really helpful 4 me.
  9. or I can send it 2 u by yousendit.com
  10. awwwww that sux, me wanna play my games on TV
  11. I I didn't d/l it, I bought it. by the way how do i access the cingular sms thingi
  12. oh ya another thig my graphc card has an S vid output too, i plugged it in my TV once and i got pretty bad resolution how do i change the setting so it resolution get better on my TV.
  13. I just got need for speed under ground 2. I lost the guide book for it does anyone know the controls for the game xcept the arrow keys, and could some one PM me if they can send their guide book by email. thanx
  14. I built my first comp a few months ago and with my graphic card an adapter came that was for the port that's white on the graphice card (has square like holes in it). I've seen in my skool that some monitors use those adapters. I think I have read some shere that they give a better resolution??? Now i use the blue color coded (circular holed) plug/cord. will using the adapter give me better resolution??. is there a monitor requirement i need 2 have??? by the way my graphic card is Evga FX5700 LE. PLEZ HELP
  15. U know i don't know wat's the diffrence b2een a gaming key borad and a regular keyboard. oh ya about my previous post i think i saw the logitech lx700 on sale cause it's $100 right now but u can get it for $70 @ this website http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&Tab=0&NoMapp=0
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