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  1. I heard there were 5 volumes but the main bad guy dies at the the second one.
  2. Wasn't quite sure were to put this so here it is. I'm looking for a mp3 player (not an iPod; way too expensive) and I wanted to know if anyone knew a good brand/model. Something not that pricing and not crappy either. Thanks.
  3. Haha, I think the new items you have to earn are good instead of someone using cheats to buy everything.
  4. God bless EA (for this one time) for leting people kill their Sims in new ways.
  5. I shall never own a Gateway. *shudder*
  6. haha... everytime I go to Kansas I'm bored out of my mind! (Grandparents live in Fredonia)
  7. very nice General. I'd go with green or yellow for the color.
  8. Now I'm reading Pendragon: Black Water by D.J. MacHale.
  9. Since I live in Sugar Land, I've never had a hurricane. The only close one was Allison. Don't forget the flashlights.
  10. KnuckleHead

    Is It Me?

    On my foruth WU and all I've been gettting is the 400 tinkers. This normal?
  11. Seen it but it's still cool. On a side note, I got my DNA strand. Yay!
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