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  1. Here i didnt do much photo documentation, what is missing here is some basic cutting, painting & bending the copper tubes---- What is next? Im working on milling the sidepanel and doing some light adjustments! Feel free to check back soon for another update & final pics /jompenleet
  2. New rad hole for front rad New front rad in *place, new mobo tray and front plate* Super magnets from germany to hold the PSU cover front plate in place R8 to R10 nipples prepped for paint Had to improvise on getting the front fans connected
  3. MOAR LIQUID!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so i've gathered up a budget in order to complete the loop including a 2nd reservoar, another pump and ofc i would like to loop it with PETG tubing.* I found some stuff of a local dude that sold me some nice stuff for a reasonable price. (had to buy it all to get any of it) so i got some parts i wont really be using but it still saved me some money.. Cuz i will need all the cash i can get for the GPU waterblocks that i will order from Frozencpu.com sometime during next week. To get my idea to work i will have to remove both the HDD and the 5.25" cage and put the two reservoars wich is actually two separate loops with different colored water inside them. (white for the GPU's and Blood red for the CPu) I've seen the ModZoo crew have been using PETG tubing + Primochill connections for their liquid projects and they seem to highly recommend them. Gonna see if i can afford some of that to get rid of this dangling 19/13 hose from Masterkleer. Here's a pic of all the stuff i recieved from the package. The main things ill be using out of this are the Res & rad's Angled connector's can't get enough of them Some EK stuff 2x120mm and 2x 140mm rads To get this perfect i am going to make some custom parts. Hopefully ill find some time to finish my new motherboard tray after i ordered the GPU blocks for the 2nd loop. Cheerios!
  4. New Graphics cards 3DMark 11 (Performence Mode) with Asus GTX 770 OC 2gb SLI (nothing tweaked). I will overclock these cards and run water eventually. Probably when i hardtube the loop & get more rads in there! Beware that these beasts will be watercooled real soon.. Hopefully in a week or so! Gotta get me some awesome PETG tubing for it though. And im working on a new mobo tray out of white acrylic!
  5. Some more pics of Phantom 820 By Jompenleet. These aren't even the most recent pic's. Ill give u some more pics with my new graphics cards asap Exterior Exterior Exterior without sidepanel. Interior Interior EKWB Titan SE Backplate MNPCTech Thumbscrews MNPCTech Thumbscrews Geforce logo + EK waterblock Power on
  6. Ok guys big update incoming, here's some preview pics for you monkeys Just noticed there are lots of dust on the fresh peeled acrylic sidepanel. Forgot to wash it with soap after removed the protection. Ill get a better camera and remove the dust for you to get better pics at my next update More to come... Stay tuned
  7. UPDATE SLEEVING:mad: The PSU is a Corsair HX750W+Gold This is just an overview of what i used for the sleeving job. Tools used A very small regular screwdriver Heatgun Modding tool set (to remove the PCI Headers from the cord) Sleeving & heatshrinks Sleeve small - Shade 19 http://en.mdpc-x.com/mdpc-sleeve/sleeve/sleeve-small-shade-19.htm Sleeve Small - Color-X http://en.mdpc-x.com/mdpc-sleeve/sleeve/sleeve-small-color-x.htm Heatshrink small - Anthracite http://en.mdpc-x.com/mdpc-sleeve/heatshrink/heatshrink-small-anthracite.htm If you want to know how to sleeve or resleeve your PSU there are plenty of good tutorials on youtube. 6pin & 6+2pin to GPU 24pin to mobo 8pin CPU all tangled up atm
  8. FAN REPAINT Today i decided to go Corsair's fans. I first bought a set of BeQuiet SilentWings2 but according to me, those fans were overrated for their price. So after googling around looking for fans that was easy enough to dissemble in order to paint them to fit the rest of the case, i decided to return the BeQuiet fans and got me some Corsair AF140's and SP120's. Although there was no good tutorial on how to take them apart out there, so after some researching i decided to make a tutorial video of my own.* Just to show you how easy it really was to take the Corsair fans apart. Each box contained the following
  9. PSU COVER First off i must say i did consider cutting two pieces and then gluing them together in a 90 degree angle, pretty much what i did with my previous project in my phantom 410. Yet then this case does only have round corners, you won't see many edges at all looking at the outside of this case And since the PSU cover is a very visual object i figured i might aswell try bending one piece of acrylic to fit the smooth & round feeling this case gives you! I had a hard time deciding if i should use 2mm thick or 5mm thick acrylic for this job. The 5mm would be alot stronger and heavier, although the 2mm are easier to shape. Ended up with the 2mm, here's some pics Here's what i've got! This is what i'll be using for the psu cover of this build I did also record a video of me doing this mod. Ill post it up here soon These following tools is what i used for this particular mod 1. Clamps 2. Callipers 6. Pen 3. Carpenter's Square 4. Jigsaw 5. A piece of wood 6. Heat gun A piece of wood to help you make a straight cut with the jigsaw When its cut to size, heat it up using a heatgun to get a round corner Fits like a glove Gonna do some drilling in the new cover for cords & hoses to go through.* will also paint the inside of it so that the outside will remain shiny* I will keep you guys updated though Painted the inside of the plexi to give it that extra glow on the outside PSU COVER improvements for cable & hose management Using a multitool from Bosch, using this tool really saved me both time and money. Also made a few cuts in the aluminum with the standard blade that comes with the multitool and it worked its way through the aluminum as good as with the plexiglass. This was a very handy tool for cutting acrylic.*
  10. Update - Cutting the side panel Started off by measuring how far in to cut Taping it up with regular Scotch Masking Tape & Measuring where to make the cuts Decided to make my marks about 4cm from the edge. How to translate this to inch is your job* B)* A MUST HAVE* Then this small Hole-Saw came to use, i think this is a 29mm but any small one will do the job Now, The Jig Saw! I used a "Fine Wood Cutting Blade" for this.* The Saw chewed this aluminum material as if it was hot butter This was so much better than using a rotary tool!* It was actually almost easy cutting this straight Looks pretty good! But the hand file can always improve this abit! If you make a wrong cut or f**ked up really bad, you can always visit MNPCtech for some molding, very useful I mean it's not Bill Owens work but this will do *
  11. Decided to take a few pics with better light for you to see the color combinations better. The front "door" is still not mounted since i will be painting the tribal bear on there. Sorry but you're going to have to tilt your head top
  12. Custom Loop! This arrived today. These products can be found on*http://www.ekwb.com/ EK Coolstream RAD XT 360 EK CSQ13/19mm, Black Ek Supremacy Acetal + Nickel EK-FC Titan SE Backplate EK RES x3 250 Alphacool D5 PUMP VPP655T12 barbed EK-PSC 90degrees angled fittings Black EK Coolant Blood Red - 1000ml Masterkleer 19/13 Clear High-Flexible Tubing I first considered buying a GPU Waterblock for my graphics card. When i had it my shopping card i stopped, itched my head and created an imaginary ups & downs list of this block. Let me show you! UPS + The graphics card will run more silently + It would fit the looks of my CPU block DOWNS - The GTX 780 reference cooler is the most beautiful cooler i've ever seen on a graphics card - Keeping my ref cooler wont hurt my wallet - My reference cooler isn't running noisy - I can always add the GPU waterblock later if i change my mind. So i decided to skip the waterblock for the Graphics Card for now! These fittings look very slick, read some good reviews on these so hopefully they wont leak any liquid. My new backplate for my Asus 780 Reference Design. Well packaged & protected. Unpackaged All shiny Close up look. This will look great inside the case *XT 360 Rad well packaged aswell.. I really get why people go for EKWB. It just stinks of quality, even outside the boxes When picking radiator for this build i was first considering a 420 or even a 480mm radiator. But then again this Phantom 890 case already supports 360 radiators and i've got some really decent 120mm fans just laying around looking for work. Now they're hired by this 360mm Radiator from EKWB Almost perfect fins. Just a few misses, not even compareable with corsairs closed loop radiator fin's wich looks more like a soccer field than a heat radiator. D5 pump by Alphacool*VPP655T12 barbed, looks like the front of an old train... This pump will be mounted under my PSU cover so there is now worries fellow modders. It wont show! The pump comes with 2 predrilled holes in the mounting bracket.. Got some silencing foam for the pump, i intend to build a small anti vibration box for the pump. This was the minimum order.. Could build more like 10 boxes out of all this foam, let me know if you need any and ill make sure to send it to you Basic, adhesive foam black silencing & anti vibration foam Ek Blood red coolant, cant tell you much about this until i've actually used it myself Res was well packaged aswell. All that was included with the res The EK logo in the third generation reservoars is just a milled piece of acrylic. I think it's a good idea, it really improved the looks from the 2nd generation EKWB made CPU Block. Supremacy Acetal + Nickel. say no more This will definately go well with my motherboard. NEXT UP:* Will be doing some more work on the case, then i've still got lots of sleeving to do. Then some cable management work. Also ordered some Lighting from germany! We will see about that in an upcoming update. See you soon /J
  13. Here is the case taken apart. After i finally got the last pop-rivet removed i was seriously considering throwing this away to go for a mATX case. But i'm sure you'll be happy i didnt :-) Here you can also see some already painted parts. Ignore those for now.. I took a few pic's of me sanding these parts down and priming them preparing for the new paint. But those pics got so blurry i don't even bother uploading them! You are here to see beautiful casemods :-) Close up look of the new internal paint Wich type of paint this is can be found in a previous post Even closer. Btw this looks dirty but it isn't. You'll see Test piece of the new external paint. Looks great in combo with the blood red in my opinion Wich type of paint this is can be found in a previous post Mesh, sanded down, primed & repainted with* Silver Chrome Wich type of paint this is can be found in a previous post Bling Bling Do the parts ever stop coming? By this time my back is already killing me and we're not even half way there.. Getting some results and im as happy as when i started today Trying to show you the effect of the clearcoat on this Matte Color. I need a better camera for it though!* Give me a week or so The color combination is working out great! Some parts are finished and those iam putting back together asap. Or i'll loose the screws:-) I'm in love with Montana Gold's colours though. This is sparta!!! Putting the skeletal back together with fresh white pop rivets After another hour or so this is what came out.. Btw i've fixed the dark spots already.* So ignore them DURGH! I dropped this 3,5" Bay so abit of color fell off.* Applied some more paint on it after this pic was taken so it's fixed now The 5.25" Bay locks will be the same color as the Front & Top Mesh. This is after 1 layer of paint was on it. Applying 2 more layers fixes the marks Even the fan control button's come some Chrome paint applied to it. Case looks dirty but it's just dust. This will give you a hint of the color combinations getting married Closer up.. http://www.sweclockers.com/image/gallery/2014/01/20/Vattenkylning-4.jpg?t=original&k=24
  14. Welcome! I am now back with another build to work with. This worklog is originally from TheModZoo but i wanted to share it with you guys aswell for opinions. Original link: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1002-phantom-820-mod-big-beast-by-jompenleet/ My previous build was a Phantom 410 by NZXT It was a fun build wich also was very appreciated by alot of you. Wich lead into the oppurtunity of this Phantom 820 mod. At this time i i've been building in NZXT cases because i really dig their futuristic look with lots of internal space to work with. NZXT is also very good with listening to their customers reviews & opinions and i believe that they really try to do their best satisfying all their customers, no matter what sort of components they intend to put in their cases.* That is why the NZXT cases are created compatible with lots of different radiator options etc. I would love to give you some rendered pictures of what my goals is with this project but every time i've tried making something in photoshop it ends up looking like a cartoon bisquit. So you're just going to have to check back every now and then to watch the progress here. Anyway i am thinking of giving this case a red interior to match with a grey paint i will be applying to the outside of the case.* Why is this project called The Big Beast? If you check back every now and then you will see why. All of the work you'll see here on these following pages will be made at my house without any 2000$ tools. I Believe That Minor Changes can have a BIG impact if done right Hope you have a great time beeing a part of my progress with this project. Hardware for this build: NZXT Phantom 820 - Black (not for long) (CA-PH820-M1) Intel Core i7 4770k Hashwell (i'll be giving some video tutorials on how to overclock this badboy when this project is nearly finished) (BX80646I74770K) Asus Maximus VI Hero ATX (MAXIMUS VI HERO) Asus Geforce GTX 780 3GB Reference Design (With an EK backplate) (GTX780-3GD5) Corsair 16GB (4x4GB) CL9 1866Mhz DOMINATOR PLATINUM CMD16GX3M4A1866C9) Corsair HX 750W 80+ Gold Modular (With sleeving from Million Dollar PC) (CP-9020031-NA) Corsair Hydro H80i (Custom Loop from EKWB) (CW-9060008-WW) Samsung SSD EVO Desktop Kit 840 -Series 120GB (MZ-7TE120KW) Creative Sound Blaster Z (With some changes to the looks of the card) (SOUND BLASTER Z) Cooling: EK Coolstream RAD XT 360 EK CSQ13/19mm, Black Ek Supremacy Acetal + Nickel EK-FC Titan SE Backplate EK RES x3 250 Alphacool D5 PUMP VPP655T12 barbed EK-PSC 90degrees angled fittings Black EK Coolant Blood Red - 1000ml Masterkleer 19/13 Clear High-Flexible Tubing Some of the modding materials for this build: Dremel Rotary Discs Smoked Acrylic Sheet Black, white & Silver Pop Rivets Round Modders Mesh 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fibre U-Channel Molding Silver PC Case Tumbscrew's 6/32 thread All this great stuff can be found at http://mnpctech.com/ Sleeving for this build: SLEEVE SMALL - COLOR-X SLEEVE SMALL - SHADE 19 Cable Management Clips Crimp Contacts MALE for ATX, PCIE All of this from Nils at http://en.mdpc-x.com/ This is another mod by Jompenleet! Case is sponsored byNZXT. Modding materials sponsored by MNPCTech Enjoy! This just arrived from NZXT Corp California. They had a local reseller send it to me though. Bigger in person than i thought it would be. They even attached a box to organize all the case screws for the case. Cred to NZXT (Y) I really missed this when i got the older Phantom 410 case. Backside Rear side. Sorry you have to tilt your head* Lets dig in fellow monkeys! As you can see, this case will give me plenty of room to work with. Whatever i intend to do with this case. 200mm fan in the side 200mm fan in the front 200mm fan in top. 140mm rear fan These are the fans they included as stock fans. You can put way more fans in there though Rear dust filter for the PSU. Covers 120 & 140mm fans. Now... Let the modding begin! Check back for updates. First off will be dremeling, painting & sleeving.
  15. Update July 12 - 2013 Ok so i got me some new stuff.. More paint(oil based high glossy hobby paint as usual), cable management items & some velcro tape. So. Take the case apart for starters.. Here iam removing the mesh from one of the plastic pieces These little *****es that is holding the front panel in place(not) broke just by looking at them. I will use Glue to put this back on after im done anyway so don't care. Ok! Done for now. I also removed the heatsinks of my Corsair Vengeance DDR3 kit. (this mod is still in beta phase. I do not recommend you to do this yet, since i don't know how stable this mod is) since painting heatsinks could isolate the heat back into the ram chips. Though i will only be using 2 extra thin layers of oil based paint for this test. Instead of 3 layers wich i do for the rest of the exterior trim & mesh Cable management can ALWAYS be improved!!! :-) Decided to go nuts with the spray can on all the black details of the case and ddr3 heatsinks to match the rest of the build. 2 thin coat layers of paint. After that i left them outside under a roof to dry for 15hours. Since some of these stuff are going inside the case it is very important it is totally dry Im really happy with the cleanyness of the ram heatsinks! Hope they still work... More Ok! using super glue to put the front panel cover back on.. Shouldn't break for the next 10 years. Ok so i was looking around for the best industrial thermal double sided tape. Took me a while to find anyone that would even know what it was. Thank you http://www.stokvistapes.se for the free sample & really quick email response Will check back with you guys to tell you if this is the best thing on the market today.. Tape sample picture Applying double sided thermal tape on the memory (The same way as the stock thermal tape was applied) putting the 2nd heatsink on Ohhlalala! Putting it all back together. Ok! Now everything is back together. Time for some end result shots. Here is the first photo without side panel Upper Photo Front Photo Ram mod result Photo With side panel Will be checking back within the upcoming weeks with result of the ram mod. To see if i recommend it or not. Please subscribe!!! Next thing i will do is bend a new acrylic PSU cover + another surprise.. Check back soon Ciao!!!
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