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    If I re-use that pc4000 wont that counter act with my pc4400? I had read a post by one of the "OOC members" that the pc4000 would limit my pc4400 to exactly that (4000) Is the 5600 really that crappy? <frowns..looks at 5600> 163 inside my case? Celsius....lol
  2. Krondo

    Earn $50 Via Paypal

    I'm not sure about the cpu temp, I don't have a reading on that, but I do have a ThermalTake fan on there, and I'd hope that sob works.. It seems to be working. It's not a Dell, but I'd like a Dell right now, it'd work better than this. I had posted in another section my new comp specs. It's an Alienware, but 3k cheaper. Asus A8V Deluxe Socket 939 (Chipset VIA K8T800Pro VIA VT8237) Athlon64 FX 53 Asus Geforce 6800 Ultra 2 gigs Kingston Hyper-X DDR Pc4400 It's still expensive, but not that much really, only 2,300 some odd dollars(pricewatch.com). But I know I won't have to upgrade it for a long time. (hopefully) And, I don't care about Farcry, it'll be obsolete once Hl2 and CS:S comes out.. <---doesn't have a game to go play... so smokes another bowl. :-)
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    Earn $50 Via Paypal

    According to my friend when I bought it, he built it himself. And no I dont have watercooling, I have the case wide open, and a fan blowing on it, I also have a fan from ThermalTake on the cpu. The front of the case reads 71 now. And I'm not bs about performance, once again, why would I lie about this, when I need help. You would think I'd be accurate with everything, and yet you still think I'm bsing. Just stop replying then if you dont believe me. Anyhow, next week I'll get a new comp... I just wanted to see if I could salvage this one, but aparently not. Thanks for the laffs, and replies; and thanks for trying to help me out. ANd I'll send you pics of 100fps in Farcry, then you can wash my feet... to all the non-believers. So ensure it's me... I'll chat something like "To the OCC member who thought, celsius, LMFAO!" That will prove it's me. (If anyone wants a GeForce 5600 or a gig of Kingston Hyper-X DDR pc4000, or any part of this pos before I trash it, lemme know... [email protected])
  4. Krondo

    Earn $50 Via Paypal

    No I bought this computer from a friend, but we are no longer in touch. I can't really call him and ask what's up... I'm sorry you guys dont believe me about the FPS in certain games... I don't know why, but it's alright no sweat off my back. If I still had those fps I would send you a pic, and you'd feel really stupid... once I get this pos working right again i will send pics, and see who replies. I used CPUCool, and CPUFSB to overclock, that's why I could do it. You don't need to know the mobo manuf. for that, just the chipset. I've tried my cousins ram, and vid card, but it's the same. So, I'm left to think that it's my mobo... which reall would make sense. Because I have tried everything else, other than my H.D., but I doubt that's the problem. Yeah :-) the 5600 is a pos. I agree with that, I can't have anything on high settings or quality, it all has to be 16 bit, and performance.
  5. Krondo

    Earn $50 Via Paypal

    I just found this site, that's why I just started posting here... I've been to multiple forums, but no-one can help. If you don't believe me check the archives at CsForums, planetquake, nvidia, steam, actually, just type Counter-Strike Forums in Google, and I've been to all those. Thank you. I have a Pent 4 2.2 (overclocked, yes I've tried the normal settings), and the mobo still remains unknown(I know you can find it out by entering the bios version, they have a proggy that tells you.. but, lol, my bios v. doesn't show at start up. I have 1 gig of Kingston Hyper-X ram ddr pc4000, a geforce 5600 overclocked, (and yes I've tried the default settings), windowsxp pro... That should cover the specs. I never claimed that Cs did this to my computer. I live in dallas, tx. And I'm not rich, but I can come up with money quickly if I needed to. My timing is a little off with the start date of this problem.. I smoke weed, sorry. And Yes I used to get 90^ fps in Farcry, along with other games with all the settings on low. Look guys, I know that the problems that I'm having might seem odd, but why the hell would I lie, I need help.. I'm not going to bs around about something when I need help, cmon.. And the temp is in Farhenheit... celsius? wow...
  6. Krondo

    Earn $50 Via Paypal

    My computer is running at 67 degs... that's cpu and gpu.... AA and AT and v-synch is all off.... 16 bit color, 180 hrz on monitor... and yes I've reformated multiple times... and tried out other peoples video card. As far as the system specs... it doesn't matter, because like I said before my computer used to run 98-100 fps on every game made.... no .. My 3dmark03 score was 4039 and now it's 253, along with 20-30 fps in all games. I remember when it happened. If you play Counter Strike then you'll know what I'm talking about.. I was a Terrorist on De_Aztec and I was rushing the bridge, same ol same ol... 99-100fps... I got half way across the bridge and a Ct popped out from the boxes... (camper) and I . you not, as soon as he popped out, boom, 20-30 fps. I tried a restore point, and start up with last known good config, and nothing changed.. It's been like this for about 8 months now. Hopefully that will narrow down some of the questions.
  7. Look.... Long story made short. I used to get 100fps in every single game. Farcry, unreal2, quake3, halflife, counter strike... you name it. I've updated the bios, all drivers... and I mean ALL. I've changed the IRQ. Messed with registry, services.msc, Upgraded, downgraded hardware. Checked internet connects... Re-installed Everything. EVERY THING YOU CAN POSSIBLY THINK OF. I want my f'in 100fps back... instead of this 20-30. If you can help me out via Radmin (if you don't know what this is, dont reply please.) and you can get my fps back up to 100fps, or 99 for that matter, I will send you 50 via paypal. I'm very serious. I just simply dont have the money yet to get a new computer, and this computer needs to be back to the way it was. If you think I will scam you, we will work out a token of good faith method. Again, I am not playing around here, I want my computer back to the way it was. Rob Barrett.
  8. Asus A8V Deluxe Socket 939 AthlonTM 64 DDR (VIA K8T800 VIA VT8237 chipsets) AMD Athlon64 FX-53 (Socket 939) Asus Geforce 6800 Ultra 2 Gigs Kingston Hyper-X DDR pc4000 Will that be enough for Doom3, Half Life2, Quake4, FarCry2, Unreal3, Halo2?
  9. Krondo

    If You Had The Money

    Uhm guys.... you're confusing the . out of me... I'm talking about walking into Circuit City, best buy, fry's, compusa, microcenter.... what should I get at those places? :-)
  10. Ok, lets say money wasn't an issue... I'm not up to date on the best of the best, but I need to get a new computer. I will be building it myself, and I need some input. The only thing I need to you keep in mind is I want agp. K.. Remember this computer will be used ONLY for gaming. Use your knowledge, and anything you might have read to answer these questions. 1.) What's the Best motherboard out there... how much? What processor will fit on it? 2.) Pent4 or 64bit amd? 3.) ATI or Nvidia.... x800 or 6800 4.) Agp or Pci Express? I say agp all the way. 5.) That's it man, I have everything else.... 1tb h.d., and 2 gigs ddr pc4300 hyperx and..... liquid cooling, or are there some bad . fans and cases out there? I'm sorry for the stupid questions, but all I do is game... that's it. I just want this new computer to be kick . for years to come, and to rip through Hl2, Doom3, Quake4, Farcry, Farcry2, Unreal3, and CS:S.
  11. Krondo

    Hey All

    First I'd like to thank the people that replied to my post about the eMachine. 2.2... I'm not going to try and OC it; I'm getting a new computer... I'll be building this one and I'd like some opinions... All I want this computer to do is game... specifically, Doom3 Hl2 Cs:S Farcry, Unreal3 and Quake4... those are the games I want to be able to play with peak performance... I've been thinking about these two options. Pent 4 4.0 Some mother board that can handle that, and has AGP a x800 or Nvidia 6800 2 gig ddr2 HD doesn't really matter. or this dual 32bit dual Nvidia 5700's via PCI Express An nvidia mobo.. again, I don't know the name and 2 gigs ddr2 ram I'm not concerned about the hd. cause I already have a TB of hd... Anyhow, if you guys can think of a bad . rig that will handle the above games.... please let me know... I'm not all that good with computers, nor am I up to date about the best hardware out there. Thanks.
  12. Alright, I'm broke. I don't have the money to buy a new proc, and if I did I can't. My mobo can't support anything else. I really don't even know what type of mother board I have. I have an eMachine t2240 Pent 4 2.2 celeron the pll is a ics 950201 I tried to over clock through the bios, but the option isn't there. I tried CPUFSB and CPUCOOL, but either I don't know how to use it, or they don't work. can anyone help me out?