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  1. or maybe you guys should start using heatware to find out past deals people have done. www.heatware.com If they don't have a heatware of if they have negative heatware just don't deal with them so it's no longer a shot in the dark.
  2. Your cpu just simply doesn't do any higher.
  3. AMD socketA/754/939 use special mounting holes while intel 875/865 use a retention clips which are a classy lady to put on, but the swiftech cooler should fit both form factors so it goes with you.
  4. m0 steppings are very good cpus should overclock well. Grab an Abit IC7 and some of that new 2-2-2-5 ram and you're golden.
  5. Just take the cpu fan off and glue it to the top of the case or put it out of the way.
  6. Hmm, I was always under the assumption that an 800fsb cpu wouldn't even run in an unsupported board.
  7. gl luck with that bud you definitly did score some killer coolers
  8. Alright thanks for clearing that up, you see the reason I say it won't hold -70 under load is because capacity behind the compressors and how they hold temps just wouldn't work here. R22 boils at -43C at 1psis below atmosphere so the -70 is definitly possible, but wont hold anywhere near that under load due to the fact you sacrifice capacity for higher temps. From what I've heard a FX55 puts off 300 some odd watts of heat at 3ghz, so I doubt you'll hold -70s even -60s with that cooler. Nothing aginst it though it's an excellent cooler, but I'm just trying to clear up what I mean when I say it won't hold it. And bios puts little or no stress on the cpu, so it's not really valid to say it was -71 in the bios. Have it idle in windows for 30 mins then check temps then run 2 instances of prime95 for maybe and hour and check your temps again. It also wouldn't hurt to have your own digital thermometer so you can read temps anywhere if you need to. Also if I remember right, those are evap temps, not cpu temps.
  9. I'm not saying you are lieing, but I'm saying its not going to hold -70under the load of a heavily overclocked FX55 they generate a good amount of heat.
  10. Does anyone even read my posts? IT'S NOT -70 It's more like -55C Don't you understand the idea behind a heatload?
  11. HP bios don't allow overclocking, but I'm sure if you went to the asus site and got their bios you would be able to, but you have to be sure its the right ones.
  12. Trust me no cpu under the cooling is anywhere close to -70C even at stock.
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