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  1. Hi there guys. (It's been a long long time since I posted here) Anyways I've been out of the PC notebook business and into the Macs. I am looking for a notebook to buy for my aunt/cousins. My cousins does some amateur photo editing and maybe some light games, maybe lots of YouTube things and flash games on FB. While my aunt will probably use it for business, some multitasking. After looking at some reviews, I decided to get an Intel i5 processor. Good choice? The trouble spot I'm having is which GPU. Lots of the laptops i looked at has the Intel HD graphics card. I know that Intel GPU hasn't always been "good" but did they really succeed in making a worthy GPU? What are your opinions on that? I've narrowed it down to a Toshiba A505-A6020. This one has a discrete nVidia GPU and Intel i5. Which makes it perfect for just about anything. The price is a little too high for me, but still within reach. What do you guys think of this laptop? Toshiba has pretty good prices across the line. If you guys have any other suggestions, please make some. Definitely somewhere within the 15" range and comes with a keypad if possible. They live overseas and judging from the last computer they bought, they have been using it for more than 5 years... So I want this laptop to last a long time also. Thanks!!!
  2. DX10 is out already?! Man im behind. Anyways. DANG IT!!!! Man im so broke right now. LOL! (HS student) Well w/e i'll just upgrade a little later. Heck, i might not even have the time to play games when im in college.
  3. LOL! an iMac would totally fit me. But thats later on. MAN! another computer would cost a pretty penny. What do you guys think about this... I still think my computer is still pretty good. 2 virtual cores. (HT) Would adding more ram and new graphics card would make it look like new. Maybe an old 478 chip. 3.0
  4. Thanks guys so far for the suggestions. My budget is very very very low. I'm thinking between an iMac and a new PC. Lets sat my budget is around $500-$800.... I definitely want the E6600.
  5. Hi there! WOW It's been a long time since I went here. Good memories. Anyways I'm back to building computers. My computer is getting outdated. The current specs are -Intel 2.4GHz w/ HT Northwood Socket 479 -Abit IS7-E ICH5? -2x256mb of Corsair XMS PC 3200 -IDE WD 120GB. 7200. -MSI nVidia 5700 128mb *REMINDER= I got this computer like 2003? So it's been used. I've been thinking about getting an Apple iMac next time. 24" when I stop playing games. I haven't been up to the latest computer news lately. The last thing I knew about computers are nVidia 7000 series owned ATi. and Intel "Conroe" owned everysingle one. And AMD is thinking about making quad core. <- Old news. So fill me in. -I want to build a computer that is ok for gaming. -Maybe run the highest quality demanded games at medium mode. I'm definitely getting 1 gig for sure. And I prefer Intel, but AMD is ok too. -I'm hoping to have some built in sound card. -ummmmm I kinda want nvidia chipsets, everything built into one. Maybe even firewire. -And I want it to be quiet if not cool running. -I want also Apps to run pretty fast. No lag. So what do you reccomend for me. Also low wattage. So recommend some things. Tell me a few things. I'm back to sort of a noob at this again. I've been away doing cars lately.
  6. I prefer WD. I used it all the time, and so far, no lost data or any of those other crap.
  7. Thanks man. I'll look into that camera. But I'm interested in the A. AA battery. So its avalible anywhere. IDK, might change my mind.
  8. WOW! is that for reals? MAN I thought I had it worst, but this is the King of Dirt. ding ding ding Bosco is the winner!
  9. Sup guys. I'm thinking of buying a Canon A700 or A540. I used to own a Canon S230. It was ok, but it had 3.2MP... It's just not cutting it for me. This thread is especially for people with newer Digital Cameras. My old camera had a slow open and closing shutter. My Bro's SLR has quick shutter. What does new digital camera have now. Is it quick?
  10. Sup guys! I misses the G4's special on the AEE. LOL! I was on vacation. Anyone have it? Thanks. or know where to dl it.
  11. umm im a noob. but Just use what apple does. Uses powerlines to deliver data. I mean. the secondary building must have electricity. so here is one from linksys http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Satellite?c...FVisitorWrapper Not sure if it'll work...
  12. I've been searching around for an nForce micro ATX... do they even have those?
  13. Sup guys. long time no see. So I've been thinking of upgrading to Conroe. I really want a microATX. Any suggestions? And don't tell me to search on google. I searched. Now I want your suggestions
  14. Thanks guys for your input. I remembered something when i was here a long time ago but forgot which to install is better. Thanks guys!
  15. Hi there. WOW I'm abck here again in such a long time. So my question is, Is it better to intall like games or software before SP2 issues? I want your guys input on this. I'm formatting again.. =]
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